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  1. Hello and welcome @Todd! wave:@@@ GRATZZ !!! @@@
  2. In Kings Sword quest. Script of then got stuck in dialog's. Some times (running multiple bots) it run quest without errors. But of then, bot think dialog is started and hold spacebar. This also happen other "hard dialog base quests", script think dialog is open then its NOT!
  3. Worldhop will crash/end/fail script. Script try hop P2P worlds (You should have opinion only use F2P world in settings) Script click between two world button (Im using LG with OSB. OSB isnt cropped and using fixed mode)
  4. Not sure how other country banks works. But in my country, you have to activate internet payment for debit cards from bank website. Credit card are other story, they work automatically. Now i had both cards (debit/credit), but the debit card was Visa Electron. Hopefully that help you (somehow) P.S: PP isnt possible, but you can bought credit with OSRS GP. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/264-buying/
  5. Haven't tested by myself, but i think ExTutorial can create account as well complete tutorial island.
  6. BUG REPORT Name of quest: Waterfall quest Picture of entire screen (rs window (show inventory) and bot debug): puu.sh/yQWYg/479710eda5.png & puu.sh/yQWWw/b5b552f243.png Detailed description of bug: Script forgot put armor & weapon to the bank.
  7. I didnt have shift dropping enabled (from osrs or in script settings) but still it start tring shift drop willow logs & it got stuck. You should check if shift dropping is enabled from osrs settings.
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