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  1. DO NOT USE ..... I used his ifiremaker for 2 hours if that I was talking to people to even make it look like it was me playing and I have been banned !!! Years of my account gone bank of 450mil gone....... DO NOT USE 

  2. How do I get access to the medium clue bot? I wanna buy??

  3. You alright? Last visited over month ago.

  4. Thanks all have these all written down, planning on doing an update to the script hopefully next weekend.
  5. As of right now the script works perfectly fine on the BF world, updating it to be able to run by itself.
  6. Will fix the digging issue. Will take a look at the withdrawing issue, I have seen a few people report it but it seems to be an uncommon bug did you experience at all after that one time? Thanks will get the text fixed on that clue. This is ABC2 10 anti ban
  7. Just Updated to V2.0.9: Bug Fixes: Fixed smithing bug where script would walk back and forth from the bank to the anvil/furnace when on Progressive mode. Fixed Banking bug in smithing where it thought it had enough bars for the item it was currently on when in Progressive mode. Fixed Blast Furnace withdraw bug where it would sometimes not read the ore in the bank. Fixed Blast Furnace Idling Future Update Progress: 75% done with the Account Maker feature.(See main post for more details) 75% done with the Grand Excha
  8. Hey guys sorry about the delay I'm really hoping to get this update out in the next couple days, at the very latest Saturday, I just wasn't able to get everything done this past weekend and have been working 10 hours days at work so haven't had much time to work on it on the weekdays however update should be out soon! Thank you guys for your patience.
  9. Fixed Salty Peter. Also turn off the clue helper features on osbuddy to fix the issue of it not finding the catherby clue.
  10. Script has been updated; New Clues: Salty Peter (Solution: Talk to Konoo at the Saltpetre mines) Talk to the doomsayer (Solution: Doomsayer in Lumbridge) Belladonna, my dear. If only I had gloves, then I could hold you at last. (Solution: Talk to the Tool Leprechaun at the Draynor Manor Farm Patch) Monk's residence in far west. See robe storage device. (Solution: Search the drawers upstairs in the southern church on Zeah) Surrounded by white walls and gems. (Solution: Talk to Herquin at the Falador Gem Store) Laugh at c
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