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  1. Trying to use this to make teleport to house tablets at eagle lectern at friend's house. Script won't enter friend's house when starting in rimmington, and it won't enter their house after interacting with Phials. If I manually enter friend's house everything seems to work great. Also, the GUI comes up blank when I try starting the script before logging in.
  2. While I was babysitting the script, for some reason it stopped tanning my blue hides. It would walk near Ellis without trying to trade him, then walk back to the bank, open the bank screen, close the bank screen, walk back to Ellis and repeat. I've used the script less than two hours, I stopped it after three trips to Ellis in a row without tanning.
  3. @Starfox Just started using the plank make feature for the first time, after 20 minutes the script got stuck. I didn't see exactly what happened, but somehow after it clicked on the Plank Make spell it just highlighted the spell in my spellbook without switching to the inventory interface. The script got stuck looking for a log to cast the spell on and just sat there with the spellbook interface up for a couple minutes until I manually clicked on the plank make spell again. It doesn't look like this happens very often, but I've only been running plank make for 28 minutes total so far and I'll babysit it for a while
  4. Script has the issue of occasionally trying to repeatedly lay one more trap than I'm able, but only when I use looking glass. Besides that, it's a good script so far snaring birds. I only wish it wouldn't stand on the bird snare after laying it
  5. @Usa Bot now is also having issues when trying to withdraw coins from the bank. After trying 3 times it stops the script
  6. @Usa Material: Blue dragon hide Product: Blue dragon leather Location: Al Kharid Issue experienced: Gets stuck when "Walking to Ellis." It gets to Ellis and then stops.
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