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  1. Surprised theres not more activity on this script.
  2. Can you please just add a dl link? I tried adding to the repo but it never shows up
  3. Does the furnace only work in al-kharid?
  4. Script running great since update I've ran it for close to 9 hrs today no issues at all
  5. Alright now i have everything back up and working again it still just log's me in and out and that's it when i run the script.
  6. I've re done all my settings and script just keeps logging my account out and back in over and over again...
  7. The script does not appear to see rune boots as a drop or register it as item i was wondering if there plan to fix this.
  8. Is this script not suppose pick up rune boots attempted use script there noticed it does not register rune boots as item to be picked up
  9. Basically i am asking if i turn off my VPN will my auth code be banned because i am on different IP?
  10. I connected to the AIO combat sever or w/e while my VPN was on if I turn off my VPN will i still be able to connect if i restart everything?
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