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  1. Hey guys just wondering if anyone had a nmz ahk script that worked with overloads! Thanks
  2. Hey tribot, just was looking for a bit of help with the whole vps goldfarming method. Does anyone have any experience with connecting your screen to the vps desktop? I followed a tribot guide, and did everything correctly and still could not connect with no one to help me. I am expecting to be able to run 2-3 accounts per vps, is that possible or should i stick to 1-2? Honestly, just looking for any sort of help on starting a vps based gold farm, and im tired of being promoted shit vps websites
  3. looked very promising except near the end something went wrong for me. I successfully connected to my vps, but the window that opens up is another window of what looks like an ssh client and I cannot click on anything. Also, if you are unable to help me, would you please be able to direct me to someone who can? Thanks a ton
  4. Just purchased script after trial run and only problem is my rune pouches aren't getting emptied at altar. Any tips to help fix this?
  5. My guy continues to spam ardy knight and wont collect when my coin pouch is full. I'm sure it's an error on my part cause the scripts flawless elsewhere. Some help would be awesome cause I cant click like that legit
  6. Used tribot for about a year now, running lg only the entire time. ive always been able to fix errors that would come up but since the update my Lookingglass has been broken. Tried everything I know how to do ie. Uninstall everything and download proper osbuddy,tribot, and java jdk downloads. running into the same error over and over again, and my debug log at the bottom spams errors non-stop, took a while to even be able to see some words cause it was spamming so fast. Heres mostly what its saying in the debug, any help would be wonderful. Love everything about tribot, hope someone could help a brother out. Debug: debug log.txt
  7. I firmly believe that I have downloaded the correct osbuddy and or runelite, yet im left on "looking for client" with a bunch of errors popping up at the bottom, that keep getting spammed so i cannot even take a screenshot of it. If anyone knows a fix for this please quote me hope someone can help a brother out
  8. BUDDY, just bought this 3 days ago. From what I've seen, having reaction settings at 1 is by far the best way to go. Very pleased with this. Of course question time: is this script able to solo fishing trawler? Looking to get full angler.
  9. Tested it out with all my paid scripts, 5 total, and all of them are stalling after a few clicks. Camera just rotates and nothing happens. Mining, agility, smithing, store buyer ect. Wondering if it has anything to do with my jdk? I feel like this sort of thing happened to me earlier this year. I'm also using looking glass. It was working all day until 30 minutes ago. What ive done so far: Looked for .tribot folder to delete the cash but I couldn't seem to locate it. Could only find the tribot.jar file. Deleted and downloaded tribot again All didn't work, any tips boys? Much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Nice script! Just ran through the trial. At the moment, no matter what I do, custom world hopping or random world hopping, I always end up somehow getting stuck trying to get into a tourny world, ends up just spam clicking on it. Any help on how to avoid this?
  11. Thank you for all these different opinions. Lastly, does anyone know how much of a difference it makes that my account is flagged? In my head, the way my auto clicker is set up is exactly how i do nmz legit.
  12. Im just trying to be able to still gain some exp while i shower, eat dinner, watch a movie ect without actually using a botting client
  13. Quick one here. Botted 99 str 88 att 75 def 99 range and 94 mage + all skilling stats for barrows gloves and i got a 2 day ban a few months ago. I just found out now about Auto clicking rapid heal at nmz and i was wanting to get 95 att and 90 def. I know slightly randomized auto clicking is not that detectable but i was wondering how detectable it would be with my account being flagged. The fact that its randomized and i wouldnt be suiciding nmz makes me think its not that risky if im doing it for 2 hours considering i nmz legit for 2 hours anyways, just getting annoying clicking twice every minute while trying to watch a movie or something Let me know what you think boys.
  14. same thing happening to me.
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