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  1. If Cosimo doesn't help you, I've also added you
  2. Bought this last night, works great and I'm getting good xp - One thing that has been bugging me though, is how clunky the special attack is.. It will spec once, then misclick the 2nd spec, or click wrong time, then switch to main wep, then instantly switch back to spec again. It's an xp waster, especially during the power surges, which are the most important parts. Edit: Another mini glitch: Sometimes the character will leave the dream with the spec weapon wielded, and then when going to bank, it can't find it and will end the script saying "You're going to need more dragon dagger(p++)(s)"
  3. What version were you running: 4.1.5 What is your issue: Essentially the whole kalphite task needs work. I've got stuck twice trying to enter the desert where it is standing next to the guy you can buy shantay passes and its just moving the mouse around the minimap not clicking. Plus actually fighting the kalphites is just all around slow and gets pretty poor xp in comparison to what it could potentially get. How do you think it happened exactly: Not too sure to be honest Severity rating (1-10): 3 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: Minimap issue happened twice out of my say 8 assigned kalphite tasks, but the kalphite task is always pretty slow and buggy
  4. Well if you got a whip and rune armour im sure you could still do alright. You'd have to skip all the tasks that involve going into the slayer tower. You'd also have to stick to using lower level slayer masters so you'd get lower xp too.
  5. What version were you running: 4.1.3 What is your issue: During lesser demons task, it clicks out of the fighting area and gets stuck in the tunnel and stands there How do you think it happened exactly: clicking too far out of fight range in the dungeon Severity rating (1-10): 5 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 50% of the time I've seen so far
  6. Ok pretty big update today. I've "finished" banking for more prayer pots (also banks super att and super strength potions) I will be running the prayer banking until I run out of prayer pots (I started at around 80 pots) and if it does alright, I'll release the script. Script has now been released and can be found here: https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=5402&pid=49204
  7. Getting pretty close to release. I've added defence potion drinking for bones to peaches method, all that is left is to add banking to the prayer potion method. If people are interested in Guthans method I can make one for that too.
  8. I've made some small adjustments and made it simulate an afk player a bit more. I've also added a 4 hour proggy I got using the bones to peaches method (seems pretty flawless)
  9. I've completed a Bandit Sipper. Features: -AntiBan -Runs away from Evil Chicken / Swarm -Picks Strange Fruit -Drinks at 20 prayer -Runs to safe area once out of prayer pots (I will be updating this soon enough to go to the bank and get more prayer pots) -Drops items given by [most] randoms -Drinks Attack and Strength Potions (Super too) If you're interested, add my skype: keiscss
  10. I already have a paint that I really like, but I'd really appreciate suggestions (especially possible antiban actions)
  11. I've been working on an AIO Bandit script. If everything goes as planned, it will also bank to get more prayer pots. If you're interested in the development of the script, I've made a thread here: tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=5076
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