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  1. i lost 20 accounts(high lvls one) the past 2 days so..
  2. So i started doing barrows couple of months ago Started with 7 accounts , and i was doing daily 6 hours daily for a whole month and i had 0 bans then took a break and came back with 20 accounts , same proxies supplier that i used before then the next day i was surprised that i had 14/20 bans And i went again with 15 accs the next day and 7 of them got banned. I went and talked to other people and most of the people had 0 bans except me so i wonder what i was doing wrong but i couldnt guess i know barrows is a hotspot but still never countered this problem before and i know some have no issues running alot of accounts. (20 accounts with LG also) i have i9 - 10900k cpu
  3. i had a laptop forgot the specs but i was running like 5-6 max clients my new pc now i can run around 30 maybe more never tried
  4. im using lg with osbuddy and im botting daily like 4-5 hours(with breaks) no banns
  5. ahmadht112233

    Building pc

    Didnt know where to put this topic. Need some help in building pc , budget is around 3-4k$ i dont know high end games just normal ones like csgo , lol , cod , volarent , rust and main thing i want it is to let me run alot of bots at once
  6. its out yet or still ?
  7. Can't I buy any scripts with bitcoin? don't have paypal or visa card etc.. I wanna buy the assume staker
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