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  1. gz if u can add agility training it then big pog
  2. bruh i have max pc build and 16 clients (with lg) is laggy and not using lg will get u banned in a day or 2
  3. i have intel i9 10900k didnt try to run the max but at one point had 25 looking glass clients working for me and for the vps trust me they are shit unless you pay for the expensive ones
  4. get help on the discord server / forums are dead
  5. check maybe there is something wrong with the proxy
  6. Hello It will be fixed soon , they are working on it!
  7. with the new update there was some issues so if u join the discord you will be updated it will be all fixed soon also i have the specs of ur pc (how many clients do you run usually with lg?)
  8. i lost 20 accounts(high lvls one) the past 2 days so..
  9. Please close this topic not needed anymore thanks
  10. i had a laptop forgot the specs but i was running like 5-6 max clients my new pc now i can run around 30 maybe more never tried
  11. im using lg with osbuddy and im botting daily like 4-5 hours(with breaks) no banns
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