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    If you want me to powerlevel you just message me. You can also pay me BTC and paypal.

    Just am active botter who test scripts out and find bugs to report. But mainly bot fishing and woodcutting <3

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  1. on their page they say they can read what programs you are currently running on your pc to help gather data
  2. Hello, I can get base 60 attack, strength. and defence complete within 5 days 12m each account i can work on 4 accounts at once. The account must come with a bond and 400k to pay for anything needed Dragon Defender will be 18m/17$, Rune Defender 16m/14$ this will take slightly longer but can be done within 1 day Must have a full rune or adamant set available as i will need to get tokens when out. If you have plenty also that's fine. Bone 2 Peaches you must have 1.5k runes and staffs available this will 25m/24$ cause it takes too long sometimes can be done within 2 days
  3. 8m isn't that bad seen some sites and people charge 19m for mm2
  4. glad to finish 2 accounts for you went smooth. Few more to finish did both for 15m
  5. takeovertheworld

    2 days ban

    yup had a few bot accounts with 99wc
  6. Could get this done within a week or less for 40m. Just need to finish up this B2P order.
  7. Granted, but it's all rotten I wish i was a potato
  8. Granted, but you're paralyzed I wish i could have better hand writing
  9. can't wait to work some more thanks for using the service glad you're happy.
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