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  1. I guess CLI with LG is not working propertly (just tested here) but its a really good feature! hope its getter better ASAP! Congratz on release
  2. congratz on release, very good!
  3. All tribot updates says upcoming improvements aiming to CLI Support, we have a ETA? We really need this since you guys brake others alternatives when updating to 10.19. Really needing this.
  4. Is possible to make Dax Walker click on minimap instead of tiles?
  5. Hi all, I'm unable to use the WalkingCondition in DaxWalker. Could you help me please? Here is how I tested it: In Lumbridge, I call DaxWalker.walkTo(new RSTile(3078, 3417, 0), condition); where condition is new WalkingCondition() { @Override public State action() { General.println("Hello"); System.out.println("Hello"); return State.EXIT_OUT_WALKER_SUCCESS; } } The thing is that I never see "Hello" printed and the walker does not stop until it reaches the designated tile. Wh
  6. Does walker support a kind of "Observer" while walking? I mean: while the bot is walking, this Observer is running a code that can change the actual state like canceling the walk call for example or say something while walking this kind of stuff. Its possible to do that?
  7. I know it, but, I want to do everything automatically. Imagine, buy 20 servers and automatically make log in (without needing to manually do it). I don`t have a way to do that?
  8. I am trying to build a farm using Tribot, but I am having some issues with the authentication of my Tribot account before the Tribot updater is launched. I know that when I login manually Tribot stores this information and it is good for ~2 to 3 days, but I'd like to automate that. Right now I'm using an automation tool called SikuliX to get me through Tribot's login screen, but it's a little buggy. Is there any API or command-line argument that I can call/use that can authenticate me and launch the Tribot updater? Or maybe a different method of achieving that without needing to
  9. I know tribot just open last osrs setting, but somehow, the default size mode its always getting back to full sized. It`s possible to change it programatically?
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