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  1. ok, the login screen opens, i click "log in". Then another screen pops up saying something like "Tribot is starting up soon" in green text. Then it disappears and thats it. Nothing happens afterwards.
  2. I meant after I log in to my account. Nothing pops up afterwards.
  3. I've been trying to open my tribot client since yesterday and I ran into an issue ,which has luckily been fixed. Now, for some reason, the client just starts up and no other client pops up to actually play the game. It would be highly appreciated if someone can help fix this running issue.
  4. Thanks a lot I'll defenitely try it then.
  5. I tried doing just that and an error window pops up for some reason.
  6. I've just downloaded the tribot client and it asks me for a captcha that I can't complete. The window it opens is way to small to actually click the entirety of the pictures and it doesn't let me resize the window or even make it fullscreen. It's a real bummer seeing that I JUST downloaded it. It would be extremely appreciated to know what can I do to fix this. (Ps. I've seen some of my friends' clients and now of those have ever asked for a captcha. I'm really confused as to why mine does.)
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