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  1. Will up this post. 100% profitable. I am just returning to the community but out of the beta/premium scripts ive been testing out this has been my favorite. Ive been running 6-8 wc bots on 2 per proxie for about 12 hours a day multiple days in a row
  2. Like i said i was high when i wrote this lmao. there were some points in there i wanted to touch on however you brought up something interesting. Do you NOT recommend Osbuddy for a lg client? Because ive been using osbuddy as my lg class client as it was the one i tested it on and its been successful and avoiding bans while being able to bot wc 12-16 hours a day 2 days in a row no bans so far.
  3. LMao not going to lie i was stoned when i wrote this. Had some meaning but id efinitely did not elaborate well.
  4. I refer glorry day botting to the time that you could maximize the resources on your virtual or dedicated machines to make the most money possible per hour 24 hours (or at least more than 12) a day. I missed out on the benefits of this time because i was simply running 4-6 scripts just for woodcutting and staking in the background. Do I think we will return to the day that anyone can reap the absolute benefits? no and that is what i am here to discuss. We have alot of bad scripters int he community (and its not their fault). They do not physically have the time to dedicate to great scripts because people do not financially support them. I feel we need to pusht he vip scripts more and support the developers more so that we get 1) better scripts 2) a larger community to prevent a total collapse 3) more vip subscriptions on tribot to make the site better and the owners happier. I am just returning to the community but here is the small project i will be workingo n in the mean time while I run my rsps , go to school, work etc. Ive got a massive dedi with extra resources im using to run LG clients on just in case that has any affect on banrates (i know its argued quite a bit here). Im running 2 accs per proxie and have created a mass amount of accs that I will occassionally stop my money making scripts to up to the required levels in the event of the originals being banned. My goal is not to be delicate with them but not to suicide the accounts. I am using the Elite Chopper Pro script beta to test this as it has a multitude of functions that can help us mass support a script without making it useless by overuse. What I mean by this is that we take the care to make odd paths or live jumps with the settings provided when we get premium scripts like the Elite Chopper Pro. For instance. Instead of setting your progressions to the predictable 15-30-60 jumps. Do something like 1-8 lumby 2-17 varrock east 17-32 varrock west and so on. Change the spots you go to and in what order across the board. Here are a few screenshots to go with what im saying. I know i didn't go into a whole great deal of detail but that is because i don't know if anyone here is even interested in what I have to say. If you have any questions I will answer them in the in the comments below and add any information to this post from the questions I feel relevant. Thanks guys! - iRepBenefits
  5. Just getting back into the community thank you for your work ! Will renew all my vip services now
  6. Just to help anyone who might be looking. I have only a mediocre knowledge of bots from back in the day and am just now returning to the scene as i have alot of unused resources in the various dedis i have. Im attempting to setup a large goldfarm and will say that anyone who can invest in a few socks5 proxies will be happy. This allows you to (at least in my case) circumnavigate the account locks on tutorial island scripts and avoid high amount of chain bans. Currently attempting to do this with 6-12 bots but will evntually push 20-30 per dedi
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