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  1. Just got a 1 year ban from Barbarian fishing. Disappointing. I have not been botting extreme in any way.
  2. Does this make tars? (HERB + SWAMP TAR /w PESTLE & MORTAR in INVENTORY) If yes im interested. @xCode
  3. Awesome script man! However, It is very slow for me, is that due to the antiban feature? If yes, could we get an option to disable it? I get around 180k xp/h when I do oak larders _BY MYSELF_, But only 79k/hour with the bot.... Any help? @Worthy EDIT: SOLVED, now getting 172k XP/H
  4. Could you please, please, please(!) make a mode where you get logs from bank? There are so many people who cuts the trees so after a while there are none available in the minigame, and then the bot bugs out saying ''chopping logs'' and just runs around randomly. I'd assume this leads to higher ban rate. @Netami
  5. Awesome script man! Could you please make a feauture for jade enchanting? (lvl2)
  6. The bot stops after about 1 hour for me...? Im barbarian fishing. This is the error message: [15:01:39] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.h.F(UseFishingSpot.java:76) [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.h.accept(UseFishingSpot.java:71) [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(ee:27) [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(ee:133) [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.findNearest(ee:167) [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.b.F(UseFishingSpot.java:70) [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.xFishy.run(xFishy.java:70) [15:0
  7. @EncodedWould it be possible to implement 3t fishing while barbarian fishing? Or is it not possible
  8. Getting 100k XP/h atm. Very nice script, thank you.
  9. LOL! I meant barbarian fishing http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Barbarian_Training#Barbarian_Fishing But it seems like that's not supported? EDIT: I'm dumb, I used the wrong location, Everything works fine now.....
  10. I am fishing @ barbarian village.... But when I run the script it's running away from the fishing spot and says ''running to bank'', even though I use the drop option. What am I doing wrong? @Encoded
  11. It seems to work good for me. Only 2 minutes in though The 'Jewellery per hour' does not work. It sits stuck @ 0.
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