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  1. Just got a 1 year ban from Barbarian fishing. Disappointing. I have not been botting extreme in any way.
  2. Does this make tars? (HERB + SWAMP TAR /w PESTLE & MORTAR in INVENTORY) If yes im interested. @xCode
  3. Awesome script man! However, It is very slow for me, is that due to the antiban feature? If yes, could we get an option to disable it? I get around 180k xp/h when I do oak larders _BY MYSELF_, But only 79k/hour with the bot.... Any help? @Worthy EDIT: SOLVED, now getting 172k XP/H
  4. Could you please, please, please(!) make a mode where you get logs from bank? There are so many people who cuts the trees so after a while there are none available in the minigame, and then the bot bugs out saying ''chopping logs'' and just runs around randomly. I'd assume this leads to higher ban rate. @Netami
  5. Awesome script man! Could you please make a feauture for jade enchanting? (lvl2)
  6. The bot stops after about 1 hour for me...? Im barbarian fishing. This is the error message: [15:01:39] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.h.F(UseFishingSpot.java:76) [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.h.accept(UseFishingSpot.java:71) [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.getAll(ee:27) [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.find(ee:133) [15:01:39] at org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.findNearest(ee:167) [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.a.b.F(UseFishingSpot.java:70) [15:01:39] at scripts.xFishy.xFishy.run(xFishy.java:70) [15:0
  7. @EncodedWould it be possible to implement 3t fishing while barbarian fishing? Or is it not possible
  8. Getting 100k XP/h atm. Very nice script, thank you.
  9. LOL! I meant barbarian fishing http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Barbarian_Training#Barbarian_Fishing But it seems like that's not supported? EDIT: I'm dumb, I used the wrong location, Everything works fine now.....
  10. I am fishing @ barbarian village.... But when I run the script it's running away from the fishing spot and says ''running to bank'', even though I use the drop option. What am I doing wrong? @Encoded
  11. It seems to work good for me. Only 2 minutes in though The 'Jewellery per hour' does not work. It sits stuck @ 0.
  12. = It doesn't press the make all button..... Instead it tries to use the plain pizza with the topping over and over.
  13. It's buggy for me. Everything works fine until you have to press ''make all''. It takes out the correct items out of the bank, it uses the pizza on the topping but then it doesnt press the 'make pizza' button that appears in the chat box, instead it keeps trying to use pizza + topping over and over.. Any help?
  14. Is it possible to use a "Bank deposit box" instead of a normal bank? I want to kill seagulls in port sarim and use the deposit box for bones. Is this possible?
  15. nvm i fixed it by running the bot in lite mode and dragging all the files into my scripts folder. Great script!
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