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  1. Even if it doesnt, it would be a welcome addition, even without banking I believe X marks the crabs spot and the closest bank is in Port Phasmatys
  2. Swamp crabs have 75HP, still 1 max hit, but they have -55 range defense, while sand crabs have a 0 range defense and 60HP.
  3. They're right, no one that is truly succesfull will share the secret
  4. Is there a way it can hover over the next rock? And is there a option to make it faster overall?
  5. This will never happen. Sorry but anyone who still runs a farm successfully will not even think twice about joining someone.
  6. Read the first post...
  7. Read the first post...
  8. No, but I believe you can use arguments if the script supports it.
  9. @YoHoJo Pablo would turn your business into a thriving multi million dollar industry. Call 1-PABLO-THE-BEST
  10. You should go Intel if you really need more performance for LG. Try looking up the prices for Xeon E3, i7s, etc.
  11. @Chivava No, just start the client and it'll load for you. You can check if it's enabled in the settings menu.
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