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  1. k understood
  2. Those are gr8 rates.
  3. Depends on payment method. What do you use?
  4. Selling RSGP @ lowest RATES PM or Comment
  5. ditto


    I am buying 07 RSGP. Payment method: the one that's better for you.
  6. ditto

    Checking chat

    It shows me a null pointer exception for getting the firs element of that list. Altough i realised there is an interface called MessageListening07which is perfect for getting the username and the message that's been sent to you or in your area.
  7. ditto

    Checking chat

    I'm trying to use Chat class from the API but even though there are a lot of lines of chat, it gives me none. Is there any other way to get what other users have said?
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