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  1. I also encountered this bug (xp failsafe) about a couple hours ago, however, it occurred on Firegiant task for me. The script was continuously clicking on my cannon and loading it with 1 cannon ball until the multiple chat messages triggered a failsafe? and proceeded to exit the area and log out. I unfortunately closed my client so I don’t have access to the bot debug.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, and a middle-click for mouse option within the GUI would be great! After running the script for some time, this was the only "bug" I ran into: Steel dragon tasks > Upon arrival at the dungeon in Brimhaven the script struggled to click on the "Pay-dungeon entrance" instead it just consistently hovered the mouse over the dungeon door. Also for steel dragon tasks, I believe the Southern entrance from fairy ring C-K-R instead would be faster to reach steel dragons? Additionally it avoids the need to bring along the required axe.
  3. Great script so far, thanks for the continues updates! Suggestion: is it possible to use the chest banking in Ferox Enclave as well instead of just using the banker NPC? Also, is it possible to add additional camera setting customization? Such as the ability to use middle mouse click for camera movements along with a bit more frequent camera movement during travel or combat? This feature could potentially assist in additional anti-ban measures. Thanks!
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