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  1. So I haven't been botting oldschool since gold prices crashed, but I'm a fairly avid merchant and still make money that way. I gave darkscape a go and managed to make 15m by merchanting/flipping and now that they have implimented a 10% tax on all transactions through the low-level GE I have no reason to play. Willing to sell the 15m I have made. Anyone interested?
  2. Can I run this script by itself in one instance without buying tribot vip? I heard premium scripts could be run without vip but Ive been gone a while and forget how it works.
  3. Thanks for that fix! I was lost as to why my bot literally dumped the whole stack into a couple items noted and unnoted then sat idle for a few hours.
  4. I live in an apartment and my utilities are all inclusive so I really don't have a variable cost associated to any electricity usuage. My entire electric bill if I was charged separately for it would be less than $44 a month.
  5. And I do the same from my pc, at no cost per month.
  6. The same people who are unlikely to know how to bot properly are the same people who are unlikely to know how a vps works. I maintain that a VPS is useless if you have a good medium-high end PC. I have seen a farm start-up with initial costs in the hundreds of USD buy a crappy "bot-ready vps" for $44/mo (more than 60% of their variable costs) who also had no idea what or where or how to bot. Its a revenue killer and whoever sold that vps to them should feel bad because they were clearly taken advantage of.
  7. Sadel

    Looting bot

    This already exists.
  8. It's hard to see because of the y-axis scale, but you will notice that the price of the item has small fluctuations at every tick mark (or "dot" in this case). These are not what we are looking at. These are over 3 hour intervals, which is far longer than what is relevant to the short-term trading the script tends to focus on. Let's instead make the intervals every 10 minutes. I can't make OSBuddy display a graph of this, but here is the data (again in the spoiler): So what does that tell us? Well, look at the prices. Notice how the prices jump all over the place, depending on what
  9. I'm not sure the odds of a price rebounding are 49/50, my guess is about 1/2. Usually when prices fall they don't rise again for weeks.
  10. This is just my humble opinion, but shouldn't hoarding never be a possiblitiy? If the price is changing, thats normal. Prices go up, prices go down and they follow a random walk. Waiting and holding the item has just as good of a chance of increasing losses as it does reducing, suppose the item only crashes further. If the script really feels it can't currently make profit, than the item should be dumped to minimize losses and added to a temp session blacklist and try other items on the list. What happens if all the items do this, and the script does nothing? Well then, thats up to the botter
  11. The sleep is still pretty high. It was like 420k ms which is 7 minutes roughly down to 350k ms which is still about 6 minutes. Its reducing my items per hour by 20%
  12. my best 2 bots lasted 1300 and 1100 bot hours respectively. I have a few free bots with no reqs about to pop 500 bot hours.
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