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  1. Love this script, been running this 6 days straight at red chins, NO bans! 97 hunter currently. Might try this on my HCIM.
  2. Highly recommend this script for motherlode, I've gotten multiple accounts to 99 without a single ban. I'd consider it undetectable at this point.
  3. Experiencing issues where it's attempting to solve a dismiss able random event, then says "reason for stopping n/a"
  4. @daxmagex there is a problem when the bot is trying to hop worlds, it ends up in the unrestricted worlds. Can you please take those out? Thanks
  5. Having issues with NPC contact at ZMI. It will use the spell, and go through first dialog, but do nothing, and reuse the spell, and not even use the first dialog, and just moves on to bank.
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