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  1. For oak dungeon doors im noticing something really weird, somehow it went to the hotspot where no doors were an option. and it kept clicking on the hotspot to build a room. very bot like.
  2. The canon refilling looks very bot like, is there any reason is wont get closer to running out rather then refilling everylike 4-10 cannonballs?
  3. The curse/stun alching has been working perfectly past couple of days until the tbow glitch rollback.... not the script doesnt work at all for alching.
  4. So i just tried it without LG, it goes much much faster... closer to 200k, but it only goes for about 5 minutes, it fetches like 1 or 2 banks, then just says "pressing yes" and then it just sits there not fetching planks from bank.
  5. Im getting an error when I go to start the bot, says maximun number of instances has been surpassed and I am only using it on one account.
  6. Yeah cuz im getting 130k-150k an hour... This account is very precious to me so I wouldnt wanna do anything risky... I always use LG, I get amazing xp rates with everysingle over premium bot on tribot, for some reason this script only performs 1/3-1/4 of what a human can... You guys should make clear to users before buying that LG makes this get around 130k xp on oak doors, usually people that buy premium scripts are gonna be VIP-E. I think with how long this script has been launched that there should be a fix around. I can tell you whats wrong right away, you put this ABC 2 modifier in without having any ABC 1 delays, also the fact we cant remoce abc 2 delays is really annoying.... At the fastest setting my mouse goes off the screen ever 10 secs and waits for like 2 seconds then comes back... not only do i get slower xp, but it looks really suspicious, especially if you do that for like 4-6 hours straight. Also, this script just has a problem with the buttler somtimes, a huge fix was putting a moneybag in the house (which you should put in the description).. As a botter that pays $$ from my scripts, I shouldnt have to go set those kinds of things up on my own.. The developer should be aware of these issues and address them....
  7. I am using LG, is it safe to not use LG? and I am on lowest delay with mousekeys. I switched over to oak doors and I am only getting like 140k an hour, all of it is really slow. I have an hour left on trial, lets see what happens.
  8. I am getting less then 200k an hour on mahogany tables with min delay and hotkeys, not sure why this has so much delays... Humans have burts of going quickly, then they slow down... How can we get the xp rates up? mahogany tables are already 2x more then doing oak doors, this script is getting 200k on tables...
  9. Hey im only getting like 38-40k xp an hour at Ardougne roof top, is that normal?
  10. Hi Seers village isnt working right now, it will just go to settings and sit there toggling run on and off. Please fix, looks vey botlike and could have risked my account.
  11. Hi Script is no longer working, it was working for a few days... barely. I was getting 110k an hour on oak doors and lowest antiban setting... now it just sits there and just keeps asking butler to go to bank and doesnt know how to find anything! Id like a refund.
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