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  1. My accounts are consistently getting pked, trying to use this bot... Is there any recourse?
  2. I purchased the script thinking you fixed the problem with the login screen but it's still persisting. Being unable to get away from pkers or even to end a session/break is a really huge problem. Is this going to be resolved soon or can I get a refund?
  3. I tried out the trial instance and it was really good. That being said, it definitely had a problem with the logout interface...
  4. Probably resell it for 500 dollars lol? Thanks for the update USA. I'll be picking this one up as soon as I have the accounts ready for it
  5. Gotcha. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. @daxmagex Is there any validity to what these guys are saying? Should I wait a bit before picking up the script? Thanks!
  7. @Usa any news on this issue with not picking up bones? Looking to try this script soon. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone, is there any word on how this script is running? Out of curiosity, I went up to lava dragons last night a couple times to check out the location and look for any possible bots but I didn't see anyone there at all. Is this script still functioning properly? I'd be inclined to believe that with the addition of rev caves, it functions much safer.
  9. Any update on how well this script is running currently? Highly considering giving it a go.
  10. Very interested in this script. Is it still running well? Anyone have any advice in how long I could run this script on an account per day (4 hours day, maybe?).
  11. So I'm thinking about what to do, exactly, with the goods from my bot farm. Very obviously the practice is to have a mule. and then, to have several mules. I suppose something I am curious about is if anyone ever uses a central mule? Do any of you have a tip-top account where you hold more of the product from your bots. Along this line of questioning, do any of you have certain practices to bring product from your main, to your bots-or from your bots to your main? Is there a certain degrees of separation that you all use to bring some accounts into contact with each other? Like trading it from the bot, to a mule, to another intermediary, then stake it to your main (or something along that reasoning)? Furthermore, do any of you think it is a good idea to take any resources and convert them to gold, or gold and convert them to (abstract/stable) resources from the grand exchange? Does this kind of washing have any affect in the stability of that product or is it all futile?
  12. ligriV

    Botting in f2p

    So I have just started to dive back into botting, this time with the intention of creating a gold farm. I am well aware that this is a trial and error process but I am looking for some times. I initially tried the different scrips for botting through tutorial island and all ten of the accounts I put through were locked. From reading around, it seems that botting tutorial island, generally, doesn't work. I've put a bunch of accounts through tutorial island manually. I'm now curious about the next step. We have the noob account builder script which is directed at f2p. Is this script only to be considered when working with 50+ bots or should does it have the success rate to be used with around 20? I am under the impression that none of the free scripts can be used successfully long term, is this wrong? Are there any premium scripts anyone has had success using in f2p? Beyond this, is it even worth botting in f2p in the first place? Thanks for the heads up guys.
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