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  1. If you really want a number to decide banrate: 1 If you want an actual number for banrate, you'll never find it. Read up on how to safely bot around the forums. And as said previously: Don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose.
  2. Don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose. Many scripts are safe if you know how to bot correctly.
  3. If I were to take a stab in the dark, it seems like you're entering numbers where it asks you to enter letters. Either that, or you're using numbers with spaces, or decimals.. Try to screenshot your settings and post them here, maybe someone can help you configure it.
  4. Worked without any startup issues. Good work, under 100mb of ram. Edit: This is with me being logged in a populated world at Catherby fishing spots.
  5. 32.33%, repeating of course.
  6. lmfaoown

    AIO User

  7. That's a fucked up feedback.
  8. Are you aware that the script still has issues logging out when it's done enchanting? Issue as in it will open the bank and infinitely search for the item it's attempting to enchant, logs out, logs back in after the Runescape default log off timer, and repeat. I don't have a slow computer (4770k/nV670/12GB ram) so that isn't the issue. It has happened on three different PCs of mine.
  9. I know it's against the rules to post on disputes without having a direct correlation, but it'd help your case if you posted specifically what is wrong with the script, such as it miss-clicking, gets stuck, or doesn't do a certain method correctly, along with screenshots or methods of reproduction, etc.
  10. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges, then type this: takeown /F "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_45\lib\security\java.policy" Quality shitpost. 10/10.
  11. There's an error at the bottom, in the Bot Debug. Enlarge it and copy/paste or screenshot it here.
  12. The cursor is indeed off screen. The Java applet captures what is inside of it. Once it moves to a corner, it simulates the mouse being off-screen and loses focus.
  13. Probably that childish glitch group that rigs stakes and such. There was a post about this on reddit a week or two ago where a large amount of people were adding and threatening someone who reported the glitch's Skype. Wouldn't surprise me if it's them.
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