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  1. Go to the script repository. On the side bar, under User Panel you'll find Instance Manager. Go there, and kill any instances that appear. If none appear, wait 15-30 minutes and it shouldn't throw that error at you anymore.
  2. If you really want a number to decide banrate: 1 If you want an actual number for banrate, you'll never find it. Read up on how to safely bot around the forums. And as said previously: Don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose.
  3. Don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose. Many scripts are safe if you know how to bot correctly.
  4. lmfaoown

    help me pls

    If I were to take a stab in the dark, it seems like you're entering numbers where it asks you to enter letters. Either that, or you're using numbers with spaces, or decimals.. Try to screenshot your settings and post them here, maybe someone can help you configure it.
  5. lmfaoown

    VIP extended?

    VIP scripts are the free scripts.
  6. lmfaoown

    VIP extended?

    If i pay for the V.I.P. Extended do i get all the scripts that are under the Premium tab or do i still have to pay for those scripts? You still have to pay for each individual premium script. What is the benefit of being a V.I.P. Extended? Do we get any extra scripts? Human mouse movement, Looking Glass, some forum perks, proxy usage, and other nominal things. What are the latest reports of people getting banned? If you can't find this on your own then neither can we.
  7. lmfaoown


    On the top left of the TRiBot client click Script, then Start Script. A list of script you've activated from the repository now show. Navigate to the one you'd like.
  8. Worked without any startup issues. Good work, under 100mb of ram. Edit: This is with me being logged in a populated world at Catherby fishing spots.
  9. 32.33%, repeating of course.
  10. lmfaoown

    AIO User

  11. Is it activated in your repository?
  12. That's a fucked up feedback.
  13. This is actually a feature. Since JaGeX tracks mouse movements, having them slanted at such an angle renders Human Mouse useless as you'll never be in the majority of possible tracked mouse movements. How'd you get into the pre-alpha? Where can I sign up?
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