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  1. Understandable, good luck!
  2. 12 days later still hoping for a miracle... @Fluffee @[email protected] Been over a month since first contact with xcode. Obviously my auths have well and truly expired and I'm not using the script anymore, but I'd like to see a resolution to this...
  3. @Fluffee @xCode Can I get a word on this? I first brought up the issue only 2 days after I bought the script and then in a PM with him 5 days after that... My auth runs out in 2 days now and I still haven't seen anything done. ?
  4. 1. Author @xCode 2. 3. 7th february 4. 1 Month 5a) https://gyazo.com/c23e845553e9d9109d85da9583958c88 5b) https://gyazo.com/3c53db772bd3583e67fb72b27a0aa76e 6. I have never successfully ran this script for even 1 hour. It breaks repeatedly when trying to enter a hosts house and then just logs out because it's idle. Even if you disable the option to look for hosts the bot still tries to do so after a single fail at entering the hosts house that you have told it to. This means that if for whatever reason the bot misstypes (world 330 is laggy as hell) or the owner has to bank for a moment then the bot will instantly start typing completely random things into the hosts name space (as shown in one of the pictures) I first brought this issue up with a post in his thread 19 days ago and then in a private message 2 weeks ago in which he responded saying he would fix the issue. Many people have posted on his thread complaining of the same thing since my post and it still hasn't been fixed. I don't want him to be punished, I simply would like him to update the script to the standards of a paid script. If he does so if there's any chance of me gaining a week or two worth of script time so that I can actually use it properly that would be hugely appreciated.
  5. Script works ok, just got a couple hiccups, When training magic (combat), how do I get the bot to autocast? I can tell it which spell I'm using but then it'll just open the spell book and manually cast every hit, unless I already manually set up the autocast. I'm trying to get some def exp as I train atm and I'm just not sure how, unless I set it up to be defensive casting beforehand. Worried that if it banks because it runs out of runes and my autocast gets kicked off that it won't turn it back on after it gets more runes from the bank. Progressive levelling also seems a bit busted for magic. The only results I've had so far is it either continues training with the same spell past the goal I set or the script just ends on me.
  6. You think there's any chance you could add Zapper as an option? Makes chaos runes viable if trying to get mage up and get enough points is all. Still enjoying the script so far mate, thanks.
  7. Is there any option to use powerups? Just training some pretty low level accounts and could really use the points from zapper
  8. I've got a few issues with this script. I'm yet to be able to run it for 300+ bones without it erroring out. I'm telling it not to try find a host, and putting a host name in, but if the host I tell it to use banks for 5 seconds the bot automatically starts typing in completely random words into the host name screen. Can it not just wait 5-10s and try again with the host I'm telling it to use? I get that I need to watch to see if that host goes offline, but I'd prefer that over having to start the bot back up every time the host banks... I'm not even sure why it keeps typing random things in the host name screen because I've told it not to try and find a host lol Example: Bot types in: dumb host (he isnt home) Bot types in: buyingd bone Bot types in: need vtele If I stop and start the script with the same settings though the guy will be home and it'll carry on like usual. Can you make a failsafe where the bot will just wait for a little bit before trying to join the same host again please? https://gyazo.com/a2d0b4bdbfc8ef24628c78337ff01281 My settings
  9. wtbzulrah

    Vorkath boss

    Yeah the requirements are too high. Even people who bot zulrah a lot get banned frequently, and there's a big difference in the time it takes to make an account that can kill Zulrah vs one that can kill Vorkath. The effort required is not worth the return you'd get.
  10. I'm having all sorts of issues similar to the guy above, accounts constantly logging out randomly in varrock and I've been using fixed mode. It's not super common, but with 5 auths it's happening enough to be annoying, double checked that I was zoomed out as far as I could go and we'll see if that has any impact. Edit: Nah there's definitely something going on with the bot. I used to be able to run it flawlessly from 1-51 on most accounts every time and now it's getting stuck pretty frequently on the varrock course.
  11. Hey man, really curious to give this a test, but thought I'd ask around first because I'm not sure I want to risk my main, do you have recommendations on where to look for zulrah alts?
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