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  1. somthing change? Script only doing 2 chests / 30 mins... was doin one / 5 mins typically and i did 500+ at that speed
  2. start the script w/ the combat mode selected
  3. Since people afk NMZ LEGIT 24/7 is it pretty safe to just suicide bot w/ this script? Also same question goes for the zulrah slayer too
  4. sucks a guy valued GP over your friendship
  5. I honestly love this script man besides when it dies and has to run back - really buggy doing that.
  6. is it okay to put "sleep mode" all the way to the left?
  7. i see also one more suggestion - can you have it fight the lower blood worms or something by default or have it in the settings where we can choose? For KC.
  8. like individual rooms in the tomb i mean. Is this possible, can't you scroll the mini map around and see the next room or do you actually have to go into it? I forget !
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