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  1. i would appreciate if someone could help me a bit. I am trying to use the auto trader function on this script. i put the chars in the same friends chat, put my mule in Draynor (close to the bank, but not actually physically in the bank), started the script, waited for it to actually be stealing, said /Draynor on one line and /World 307 on the next on my mule; the others never say "on the way" or move anywhere; they just keep going with what they're doing. Any idea how to fix this? Here is the bot debug log from it on the one running the script; i did ask it to trade Mahogany logs and a Cup of tea because that's what i had on me. it's not much of a log, but that's all there was. It doesn't do anything. [16:21:55] Done custom [16:21:55] Done settings [16:21:55] Done loot [16:21:55] Done mule [16:22:45] Lootable items: [Cake, 2/3 cake, Slice of cake] [16:22:45] Mule items: [Mahogany logs, Cup of tea] Any idea what i am doing wrong? Do i need to have the item also in the keep-inventory list from the other window? Do i need to be standing within the confines of the Draynor bank?
  2. I have shift drop selected, normal, seers, 2 bots around, check every 10 minutes, have anti ban/hovering/change axes checked, and when my bags fill up it just stops cutting and says "nothing to drop" in the client debug over and over until i stop the script. Won't drop anything.
  3. Todd, who is badged as an Admin, said it in post #1 of the last downtime. "Like always if the fix takes longer than 24 hours we will provide compensation."
  4. So are we going to get compensation for this being down or no? And when will we be receiving the compensation your team said we would get last time it was down? You locked the last thread without letting us know, so i can't post about it where it is relevant.
  5. Had it get stuck today trying to withdraw a Falador port from the bank that I didn't have, it didn't seem to attempt to buy one, just wanted to try retrieving from my bank at an alarming rate.
  6. I can't add items to offer; every item in the list is null and searching for any item returns no results. The entire script doesn't work if you can't add or select items. Not only that, but the tutorial video isn't of this script. It's like an older model or something because the options aren't the same and therefore the tutorial video doesn't apply/isn't helping me because the video goes through options this script does not have.
  7. Hi there, i see it is asked a couple times in this thread but i don't see the answer, so i apologize if i am being dense, but i cannot get it to go to the mail-with-sticks NPC with trading sticks in my bags and pack all the logs from the hardwood grove. Can it do that? i've been pausing the script to run it manually, but it would be nice if it did it automatically.
  8. But my reddit buddies think it's so cool to be a condescending sh*tlord who can't use Google Translate! /s
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