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  1. Try to change the (int) to (long). Worked for me. Updated the code on the original post.
  2. It's very hard to fix the walking thingy, as I can't know what locations people are using this script. I could add a starting tile where the bot walks if the character isn't on it... Thanks for the idea. Missclicks should be fixed on the next version. I'm not sure how you're using my script without VIP though. I don't like people abusing my script without supporting TRiBot, which made it possible for me to do this. Sure, if you just tell me what's broken? Sorry, I don't speak french.
  3. I think gloves give you a nice advantage, so it's useful to get a pair.
  4. Awesome to get some competition in the kebab buying automation software industry.
  5. As I said, only did this to learn a little bit more and because someone requested a working one.
  6. Yes, you can use that image with this tutorial. Actually this tutorial is perfect for your paint.
  7. Hi! I'm releasing this script because I saw a request for a working curser script few days ago and also needed one myself. The script has a small GUI where you select the spell and NPC id. This script can achieve 31k+ xp / hour. I know there is pretty many of these scripts already, so why not make an another one ? Few instructions: Use Earth / Mud staff if possible, saves you money Make sure you have at least -50 magic attack bonus (we need to splash) Works with any NPC, just input the ID (Debug -> NPCs to get it) I suggest to run the script in lite mode, normal mode h
  8. ★★★ Advanced Paint Tutorial ★★★ So, you made a script and now you want to know how much gp/h or xp/h it makes for you? Or perhaps you already made a paint for your script, but you just think it's too ugly with the white text everywhere? Here's a few examples of different paints (all rights to the image owners): Table of contents 1. Adding a paint 2. Let's edit the font & color 3. Calculations & time etc. 4. Adding image background & little style to your paint 5. Mouse paint [COMING SOON] 1. Adding a paint Ok, let's add a paint to your script. Import t
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