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  1. No actually, TriBot's inbuilt web walker keeps miss clicking on the map while walking from the chicken coop to the bank and vice versa. Im not sure if that's a client bug or if i'm doing something wrong! Yeah, thats just something I did quickly last night. Ill come up with something more fitting when I have time! Thanks!
  2. Download Now: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2922 RSGilded Chicken Killer will kill chickens in the Lumbridge chicken coop, loot their feathers, raw chicken and bones and will bank your items flawlessly. ** IMPORTANT** Please disable re-sizable mode for this script to correctly work Some Progress Images: Please post below if you come across any bugs Thanks!
  3. Hey, Found a pretty gnarly bug. When you set the script to hop worlds when players are around the bot will keep switching worlds indefinitely once a player is detected. Otherwise the bot works perfectly. Thanks
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