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  1. whats the go with proxies can you only use 3-4 accounts now to 1 computer off the 1 ip since we are now using browsers? or can you change the proxy to each tab open or how does this work sorry.
  2. this does not fish raw karambwan? i have fariy rings and it wont use it , after its done fishing it just stands there! could i get a refund cheers
  3. yeah mint i'll look into it now
  4. im aussie bro so i cant withdraw bitcoin its banned in aus! thats why i try use paypal unless i can use bitcoin to buy something
  5. the reason i sent it back is cause if its not friends and family people can chargeback the money then i lose out of gold and money? if someone has more trust then me im happy to go first
  6. i dont think someone who runs 20+ bots a day with private scripts is going to scam over 50m hahaha
  7. you sent as buying goods for 1 thing after i told you not to? i said i wont be selling to you anymore and will refund your money , but money was held
  8. holding the money? paypal had your money on hold dickhead i told you 100x its nothing to do with me if paypal holds the money?
  9. Profile of user: filthyfrank Date:2/10/2018 Feedback left: Purchased 50m gp but upon payment, he did not hand gp over as i did not send as 'family and friends' and decided on his own that he would 'refund' me as soon as possible even though he had balance in paypal. Disputed payment and got my money back. trade with caution Why should it be removed:he wanted to buy 250m gold and didnt wanna pay up front so i said happy to do 50m at a time , he then paid on pp as buying for goods ( told him 3 times to send as family and friends , witch he did not , i then told him i cannot accept that and i will refund his money! the money was being held by paypal as i will upload photo , i told him and sent him a photo , he then started abusing me telling me to refund him now and as i told him i cant since money is being held by paypal (he saw photos) he then carried on to abuse me telling me to pay him out of my own bal? seem like a scam , he then despued the paypal payment and i could then refund the money! , he then leave me rude feedback for something that was his fault and was told about on more then 1 time If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread): photo just after he send money of it being held https://gyazo.com/ee950a270ba3a8003e2326c8a605ef11 refund https://gyazo.com/e7d8d2e95816c57a31a87b7da0237083
  10. selling 100m for 0.68 paypal , send as family and friends , you pay fees . only trading level 70+ and in members world
  11. kinkyyhobo

    Looking glass

    if you dont even know how to do basic shit you cant blame looking glass that u got banned hahaha
  12. selling 220m for pp at 0.72/per mil happy to use middleman , you pay fees and paypal will be sent as family and friends u pay any fees
  13. anyway you could add a way so we can choice how offen is afks so like , afk for 1min every 5 mins and do something like that , so it still takes mouse of screen but checks it more offen
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