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  1. I don’t know what’s happened but the script has broke - it doesn’t move to the right place and just AFKs at bank when tryna cut logs, if I want it to work I have to move it the right area before it starts doing anything and when the inventory is done it doesn’t move just chills
  2. its annoying i spent $12 but i cant use the script for what its meant to do
  3. are you going to fix the issue which I displayed earlier about the bots not changing to the world of the mule acc, i aksed about this 1 week ago no responses
  4. Hi great bot, just facing one issue, the accounts that i am botting do not change world to trade with the mule, it goes to the trading place, but on the wrong world, does not go to the world that i set, so stands there for hours do you have a solution for this?
  5. What’s your discord so I can purchase the mule add on 

  6. Is it possible if some one could make me a bot that stakes at the duel arena, that doubles the original bet if they loose and when they win return to the original amount, if this is possible to make how much would I be looking to pay for it thank you. ?
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