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  1. Hello. As The Title Suggests I am Looking to Hire a scripter Part Time to Write me a Script. This should be the only content in your thread! Request: Shop buyer + Extras Description: script will Buy/sell items from store, Include Muling, and (An Extra Feature I do not wish to be public about, we can talk more about this more) must support script arguments for CLI Payment Amount: My Budget is 100-700m of equivalent in Tribot Credits Time: Time of completion is variable, though speed is a plus Additional: Must be Scaleable
  2. Request: Muling , Restocking., & Offloading ScriptDescription: Need a Script that has two roles mile or slave. If slave: teleport to a location, trades a inputted [mule]name then teleports back to original location.If Mule:checks bank of imputed items, if yes withdrawal inputed amounts if not enough amounts use g.e buy remaining amount @ +5% . If not enough coins disregard and use what supplies are available Close g.e sleep until woken by inputed trading slave name. trades over inputed supplies then sells received items for -5% at g.e. then Closes and logsouts outPayment Amount: 1-500 CreditsTime: no time limit . But speed is a +Additional: This is my first request so I appreciate anyone who shows interest and being able to compare quotes will really help me figure out how much I can expect to pay for this and other script work in the future! Thank you .
  3. This is one of my favorite / most used scripts. Defiantly OP.If there was a way to save locations as profiles and load them via arguments.....then my life would be complete
  4. is there anyway you could add script arguments or profiles to this like so i can use it better with client starter? such as: Black:Stamina or Leather:Super Energy
  5. Script is Broke rn as please fix world hopping and add support for dmm worlds in the future
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