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  1. I may not have been around too long, or made any great scripts for the public, but I did learn quite a lot. I actually started to learn how to code by reading a book, and deciphering other people's open source scripts. (more on this later, as there are MUCH better ways) I was tagged in this post by @Einstein so got an email, and am checking it out. I do not come on here too often anymore due to quite a significant life change. However, I have to give my fair share of advice too after reading this post. Over the past 8 months or so, I started to develop iOS apps, to begin software dev
  2. Thanks! I plan on doing an extension to Trilez's tutorial sometime in the future. Working on a big move right now though so do not have much development time.
  3. I'm a perfectionist, so I take my time lol. Got 3 of them ~80% done, but I am relocating for work so I had to stop for a few weeks to get situated. Back in the works soon.
  4. Gratz on release man! And also congrats on the Premium rank Well deserved, as you are very helpful on the forums and make quality scripts.
  5. Check here for some tribot specific tutorials. Several users including myself have made comprehensive setup/scripting tutorials. Also, check out this youtube channel. I have used it quite a bit in learning things when I come across issues. Here is my personal tutorial I made. A few areas need to be filled in that I have noticed lately, but it is a good start. Towards the end I list a few resources that would aid you. What got me started in scripting is a book titled "Learn Java in 24 hours" here. I got through it in about 11 hours (you can stop around chapter 16 of 24 since it w
  6. Hey Einstein, great tool. I'm not sure if you were aware of another tool that might work in a similar way though, which might have spared you some development time. Unless you were aware and just wanted one that functioned a little different. Just trying to point it out to help in case you didn't know. Edited comment below:
  7. The issue was that camera was null. No need. I just had to change "ACamera camera;" to "ACamera camera = new ACamera();"
  8. Whoops. I declared it outside the method. I forgot to initialize it. Silly me.
  9. Okay sure, but that's not the issue.
  10. Try looking here for full script examples: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/131-approved/ You can just look at other people source code. An example for if you want to hover your next target...
  11. Can't figure out why I am gettings a NPE here: (Any of the camera#setCamera method calls throw a NPE) Which calls this method below, but it never even gets into the method. The NPE occurs on method call.
  12. They can't tell the difference. If they did, you'd be banned the moment you opened up your account with tribot.
  13. Mine have always been instant. Check your paypal/payment method to see if funds were withdrawn
  14. They don't just ban for using 3rd party software, that's what OSBuddy is. They ban for botting. They have other methods than detecting what client you use. I recommend you develop better botting habits than just relying on looking glass.
  15. Been a while, any update on the "Test" category on the repo?
  16. We really do need a repository sweep though. I've used several free scripts that work.
  17. Still happening where it freezes at draynor bank http://prntscr.com/kbi21z. Debugs in picture. client debug had no info. Deleted hooks.dat. repeats everytime I run the script. Doesn't happen everytime it banks.
  18. @Einstein Bot hot stuck here: debug: "Could not retrieve world data from client! A2" Inventory was open, but it appears that the bot opened this tab somehow. Came back to the mouse moving around the interface every few seconds but not doing anything. Manually closed interface, and then it just sat there doing nothing until I opened the bank. Then it proceeded on like normal.
  19. I'm not abandoning it lol. Just taking a few days off to train up an account. Feel free to use my source to help create your own tho @Encoded would love the pointers.
  20. So, I decided to release the source code now. I was stupid and got myself banned doing un-related stuff (Also probably didn't help that my username in game contained Jerm, and the email contained Jerminater xD). Figured it would be nice to get feedback on my scripting skills while training up another account that has done Lunar Diplomacy. Source Code - Script is still in development. - Need to train up another account to Lunar diplomacy status so I can continue development. Was banned due to leaving the account overnight spam clicking the minimap by accident. Didn't mean to sta
  21. Not that I know of, but this would really be your best bet I think. The benefits of looking glass really are not that great. The client is not detectable as is.
  22. Sleept(min, max) will generate a random number between the min and the max which can be bad. If it is for a reaction, I would say do something more along the lines of: General.sleep(General.randomSD(min,max,mean,sd)) Doing this, you can get a random number that is more focused on a certain range. Say you want to randomize a number between 500 ms and 2000 ms, but typically keep it around 800 or so, and deviate around 200 ms around 800 most of the time. You would do this: General.sleep(General.randomSD(500, 2000, 800, 200)) sd means that 68 percent of the time, the rand
  23. These types of actions you don't really need much of a delay. A human would click the deposit all button and instantly move away trusting that they clicked it. After teleporting, you can either start clicking the map where you know you will want to go as you are teleporting (as humans do), or generate a 500-1000 ms time after the teleport has finished. This is the typical human reaction time. Check out General#RandomSD on the API. It will help you in generating a good reaction time to certain events that the ABCUtil reaction time is not suited for.
  24. @Naton Additionally, Interfaces#getComponentName() can return null I know. However, I don't think that it ever will based on the restraints, which is why it isn't null checked. Bad practice? Not sure, there seems to be a lot of debate on when to null check things. Same as interfaces. There are a few that are always there, so won't be null? I limit the loop to only loop through the components that have a name. It stops at the index where they stop having names, so will always return a string. Still null check?
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