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  1. Been running this for about 8-10 hrs a day, been great so far. Only thing is, the "saving" and "loading" of configurations? I wish there was a browse feature... sometimes i forget what I named my other things. LOL. Other than that, beautiful script.
  2. Hey Netami, was curious how to use Iban's with this? It keeps depositing my runes? Edit: disregard, had to reload my set, and restart script. Edit x2: weird. When i change KC style to melee... it doesnt withdraw the runes.any ideas?
  3. Hey man, was curious if it picks up fishing pet if we get it? Dumb question lol
  4. jesus fucking christ LOL. wtf are your settings for breaking??
  5. Dumb question, does this pick up fishing pet if you get it? @Einstein
  6. Haven't used in a while. Ill check it out tonight
  7. @Einstein Also, cant get the bot to work after update.
  8. Is there vertical shift dropping? I normally shift drop vertically. Want the bot to match my play style
  9. Was meant for ironmen going through ironman guides. If there is more request, I will add!
  10. used on multiple accounts. No bans. Youre hand playing so youre good.
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