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  1. Sad sad day. Got hit today, chain banned. Been a great 2 months of full all out botting. Made some nice gains. Will be taking a break, but will be returning to this script later
  2. @Aropupu ya think youll ever add pyramid?
  3. osDude

    Rogue's Outfit

    Yes sir, feel free to add me on disc. osDude#0738
  4. osDude

    Rogue's Outfit

    still need? Can do for 8m
  5. osDude

    S> 65m .88/m pp

  6. osDude

    hi im osDude

    Yes sir, osDude#0738
  7. I will have some tonight going for .82/m. I usually have some everyday. Do you have a verified pp?
  8. Its about time I introduced myself. I've been on TRiBot for a while now, just posting on script threads, and lurking. Just a couple things I wish to achieve here: Make graphics for scripts/scripters. Gold farm to fill extra curricular activities ?. Write small scripts to make gold farming easier. If yall need graphics, hmu. Can't wait to be more active!
  9. Just deleted hooks twice, and opened client twice too. Issue is still there.
  10. Weird, Im also experiencing this on 1 account. My others are fine, weird.
  11. @godspower33 Does the shortcut work? I have the agility, but when TB'd it just keeps trying to switch worlds/tele out.
  12. @godspower33 Not sure if sigs are being updated still LOL. I feel the issue on that too dw. Highscores look correct tho
  13. I dont use looking glass, but the human mouse movements are worth. 100%.
  14. Great read! Def deciding on how I should learn to organize/write scripts. This helped.
  15. yiiiikes. Mustve been the auto bot detection. Not the jmods. Ive been running agil and revs for 3 days straight lmao. Sorry for your loss
  16. Cant really tell you until after christmas break. Jmods are off rn, so bans are basically not happening. People can suicide for 2 weeks rn lol.
  17. Apparently jmods are on break until new year. So bans will start rolling out in january. So you can suicide bot like crazy rn lmao
  18. Fucking sick LOL. How many hours a day?
  19. @godspower33 Is vig chainmace fully supported? I may have misread somewhere. but theres a loop when trying to recharge it. Saying its trying to recharge the craws bow, not chainmace.
  20. @godspower33 any update on the re-gearing inside caves? or having MSB equiped? Just bought a 2 instance. Cant wait to use it on other accounts!
  21. Hmmm woke up this morning saying there was a server update? You think this effected the script? @godspower33 i got so many deaths today too. Going to reset hooks, and see what happens.
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