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  1. I agree with the MSB, or maybe completely not even gearing at all so you look like a scout. Until you get there lmao. but thats just a suggestion.
  2. @godspower33 Do you think youll be adding the equip craws/gear at rev location in the future? Makes it so we dont get pk'd straight up at the burning ammy tp?
  3. damn, how long have you been running this everyday? Also @godspower33 i dont think your signature/hiscore is updating everytime. I know for a fact I have profited more than 13m. Should be around 200ish mil. Script is def getting better day by day. Also weird suggestion, but if we have the craws bow setup, is there a way you could add an option to unwield the bow while traveling? and equip it after its in the correct position? May cut PKs down by a lot since they dont see you have the bow.
  4. Thanks @Aropupu just got 99 agil on one of my pures. Running 12-17 hrs a day.
  5. @godspower33 Ya think its worth adding looting bag support? If you have craws bow etc?
  6. Not gonna lie, this update did fix alot of the issues lmao. Finally getting 1m/hr instead of 250k-500k/hr ?
  7. I did, realized it gave good exp, but not enough Marks, so I just switched back
  8. Just did twice. Still going to 100. weird. Only thing in client debug. [09:05:54] Starting client. [09:06:38] Downloading script 'nNightmare Zone'. [09:06:40] Script Started: nNightmare Zone. [09:06:40] [NScript] Running engine version: 1.2 [09:06:40] [NScript] nScript support discord: https://discord.gg/RKRJTzV [09:06:40] Disabled all randoms. [09:06:40] [IMPORTANT] If you are experiencing issues with the GUI loading, make sure that you disable the TRiBot firewall. [09:06:41] Entry #1: ID 11730 quantity 4 [09:06:41] Entry #2: ID 11734 quantity 23 [09:06:41] Entry #3: ID 7510 quantity 1 [09:06:42] [Info] Settings saved successfully [09:06:45] [NScript] Executing initial progression entry [09:06:45] [NScript] Executing progression entry #2, style index: 1 [09:07:26] [ABC2] Sleeping for: 937
  9. Hey naton, realized the bot doesnt chug all the way up to 1000 anymore. IS there a way I can change it? Its hovering around 100 abs. Or is this random?
  10. i have deleted hooks twice. And i cant get a debug because it freezes LOL.
  11. @Worthy Cant set-up new equipment sets. When loading the client freezes.
  12. Hey @Aropupu when doing rel course, trying to bank at seers bank, itll withdraw needed items and sit there for a few seconds, deposit it all and repeat. Didnt catch it before, might have been doing this for a while lmao.
  13. Was the account pretty new? Also did you change settings?
  14. fucking nice. early grats! You been just basically suiciding agility these past 22 days? Any other skills?
  15. You ran brand new accounts probably using a money making method that was popular?
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