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  1. hey all, was curious how long are yall running these scripts? Breaks etc?
  2. Love this. bought it yesterday, it literally makes me not think while killing zulrah LOL. do you have a dynamic sig btw for this? Would love to see how much ive made so far. EDIT: found the sig. lmao forgot to scroll down.
  3. @godspower33 Just ran into @Flax's issue with after death, goes to GE, and afks, not being able to regear. Instead it should be going up to the lumbridge bank, and re-gearing.
  4. lol highly doubt he will. but gl mate
  5. I noticed TRiBot has a lot of successful main botting lmao. versus other platforms.
  6. jesus fuck these accounts are sick af lmao. Some day Ill be where yall are at. @CyberWizard I assume by 24/7 you mean you have breaks setup in the client right? How many hours of agil straight do you recommend? i really want to pick up the aagility script, but still want some understanding in bot times.
  7. Had this happen today too. Hopefully i caught it early enough lmao. Was hopping so much, it reached the hop limit. @godspower33 Weird thing happening also. When it hits 50k inv value, sometimes it teles to GE, then uses the burning to go back to Revs, walks to revs, then teles to GE finally then goes to clan wars lmao. Other times it goes straight to GE/Clanwars.
  8. Ahh ok agreed. One more thing, is Specs TRiBot scripted or your end? because when you spec, it ALWAYS goes to the top left hand corner of the spec bar to spec. I'm pretty sure no one human always clicks there LOL. Could trigger another pattern.
  9. Another slight thing, is after it TPs to GE, it will always go into magic tab, attempting to teleport from there? Just a slight pattern, that could trigger the script eventually.
  10. Slight bug, not really a bug but ye @godspower33 Description of bug: Withdraws an additional Glory when not needed. Deposits it after, but could trigger a bot pattern. It withdraws it after death at lumbridge if that makes a difference. I'm using the clan wars tele option. LG (Yes/No): No Resize (Yes/no): Yes Pictures of gear equipped: Pictures of inventory: N/A Pictures of screen and/or status:N /A GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you)
  11. Agreed. I can see where you're coming from. It definitely will help bans lower. +1
  12. Ah understood. IM still hesitant to even run this on my main atm. lol. But I guess you gotta risk it sometimes lmao. Keep up the progress bud. Looks sexy. How much have you made in GP just from agil?
  13. What the fuck... lmao. Guess this shit is the best agil script then lmao.
  14. fucking trollin me mate LOL. Good progress regardless.
  15. You ballsy mother fker lmao. When did you start botting your agil? break/bot times?
  16. Honestly great to see someone get a cape with this. A lot of people say agility is the highest ban rate next to RC, so i guess this script is doing something right LOL. What were your bot/break times btw bud?
  17. Damn, i'd be interested in a bursting/chinning script.
  18. @Worthy Has anyone tried this on a 1 def pure? LOL.
  19. @godspower33 The sipping of prayer potions work . Only issue is sometimes itll attack, sip, and just afk. Causing it to stop attacking a rev.
  20. Thanks! Also, after death, it doesn't re-equip my archers ring(i). And for some reason, it isnt withdrawing a prayer pot, even I added it in to the potion list.
  21. not sure if its just me. but it never uses prayer pots to refill prayer while killing. Esp if using eagle eye.
  22. @Starfox Does script detect running out of runes/items to alch? I usually stop it by the time it'll almost run out lol. But I also want to run it while i go out.
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