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  1. Hey @Starfox was curious how long should I be using the curse/alch per day? I havent used a bot/script on my pure yet, was curious how I could minimize the risk of getting banned while still getting 99 magic?
  2. Looking good so far. Two issues I came across. 1. If it gets stopped by a green dragon, it'll finish attacking it first. 2. if i saved the settings, i cant load them again and hit start. Throws null pointer.
  3. @FALSkills found something weird lmao. It withdraws lobsters noted, in fighting phase. Edit: Weird looping. https://i.gyazo.com/6b717a56cc4e6237d853f91d9ad844e5.mp4 & upon script restart. Trying to withdraw food, but withdraws coins lol https://gyazo.com/1822c4760265d4aa63dad5cfb97784a5
  4. Currently running this on an account. Looks like its working pretty nicely. Only thing, is if you do run it on resizable, becareful of the map glitch. Hopefully itll be fixed soon.
  5. Understood. Was just a suggestion you add it to unlock the coffer, have tri-bot do its thing, then start the dream. Thats if users have a bank pin. Otherwise it would sit there spamming the dream potion.
  6. Looks like its working right now. Only thing I noticed, is if you do have a bank pin. Itll keep spamming the potion unless you unlock the coffer with the pin yourself.
  7. I have the exact same issue. Can only run one, then it will try to create a new one spamming, Dream Dominic, selects the 4th option but never clicks yes. And repeats. Did this for like 5 minutes i think. Hopefully my accounts dont get hit lol.
  8. @Naton Hey planning on adding flick rapid heal? Didnt see it in the GUI. So not sure if its there. Instead of guzzling the cake.
  9. @encoded Hey bud, was curious whats the max amount of hours a day, you would use this?
  10. @godspower33 any idea why it keeps trying to re-inv? It has all the gear on, but keeps depositing the inv, and taking it out.
  11. Wow sounds great. ty for this. Ill test it out!
  12. going to be testing this out mate. ty! EDIT: how long does it take to get halo and top?
  13. What do yall think about botting overnight? on building mains, etc?
  14. @godspower33 damn mate. open beta this!
  15. unfortunately I do the random right clicking when im about to fall asleep LOL. that, and sometimes when there is loot on the ground, and I'm trying to walk to the position.
  16. Script is basically perfect. I love the fact you have a lot of checks in it. It pre calculates the amount of gold and everything before starting and more. Flawless and beautiful UI. Can't wait for more quests to release. #scriptdaddy
  17. Are you using this to goldfarm? Or is this for a main? Debating on getting VIP just for this script lmao.
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