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  1. You can click on these wheels with a hammer in inventory, for smithing XP. It's efficient XP (especially on ironmen) to hop worlds and repair these. I am suggesting supporting these. If not, no problem, photo for clarity
  2. Nice release! Could you add support, if not already supported, for world-hopping, and repairing motherlode mine wheels? (Gives 1.5x smithing level in xp). I think it would be a very nice feature in a smither. Maybe with some options on world hop preferences (example prefer US > UK > GER worlds (or whatever order), remember worlds recently repaired, ignore/use max total worlds, high-risk worlds, etc). Have a great day!
  3. Functionality wise, great script, bug free. My only suggestion would be an anti-ban overhaul, preferably something that allows some user configuration. Seeing too many bans as-is for this to be viable for me personally. Not a bad script by any means though.
  4. >MFW Naton becomes a Tribot developer The man is a damn genius! Hell yeah!
  5. I highly recommend this script. Dentist is an excellent scripter, super friendly and fixes and reported bugs very quick, and the script has phenomenal capabilities. Absolutely worth the money.
  6. Thank, papa Encoded
  7. Thank you again Aropupu, you're such a gold standard when it comes to the amount of anti-ban options that users can configure. Absolutely love this script, have been using it for multiple years now, and will continue to use it as it's been the best the whole time.
  8. Thanks papa Encoded
  9. Fluffee is an absolute gift, and it's awesome to have him back in the community. A very warm welcome, my friend! : )
  10. Use Google drive or something similar, and copy your .tribot folder from %APPDATA% to the VPS. Your proxies and accounts will follow.
  11. Alongside the mouse speed issue, script seems to have issues handling the area you tell it to fight in. It will often get stuck in a loop of clicking a monster on the border of the radius, running outside the radius to get to it, getting confused, running back to the center of fighting zone, repear on monster near border. Takes a few minutes till' it corrects itself. I think this script could use a good going through and good update to things by @Optimus, although the script is still working good at the core, as usual.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to make this guide for people. You rock!
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