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  1. -What is your Operating System -What version of Tribot are you running (10, 11, 12) -Do you disable graphics? -What processor, how much RAM, what speed is the RAM running at? I am able to push 20-30 clients on a 6 year old Xeon core server
  2. Try in private browsing or incognito, see if that has a difference. Did you ever make a second account on accident? Maybe double check you're using the right email too, if you have multiple emails you use.
  3. Why.... Have I not found this before? going to use the hell out of this, thank you so much OP!!!
  4. Damn $5,000 max budget, that's gonna be a good script. highly recommend Einstein or Dentist.
  5. Update: I've ran this script a few times now, major pog. Absolutely outstanding and efficient script, flawless, Dentist is King.
  6. As an end user: Updates go brrrr Thanks to the development team for providing such a ridiculously stable, and quality product. Tribot is the gold standard as far as bots are, and it's obvious by the attention to detail the developers include. Love the customization, the GUI, the features, all in all, 10/10. Thanks, CyberWizard
  7. Mate, you've got some of the cleanest scripting I've ever seen. Good stuff.

  8. Will get all that information as soon as it happens next, good sir. Walked one account there manually for now. Same settings as before unless otherwise noted, yes : ) Apologies in my ignorance with assistance in troubleshooting, will provide followup info asap.
  9. 1. go to %appdata%, delete .tribot 2. Restart PC 3. Uninstall Tribot if installed and Java 4. Install Tribot from here https://tribot.org/pages/download 5. Open Tribot Does it launch then? Note* Tribot has Java pre-installed, you do not need to install Java.
  10. Script getting stuck at Lumbridge Castle Stairs, after hitting 80 Agility at Polveneich, going to Relleka. No Client/Bot debug to report, it just stands at Lumbridge Castle Stairs idling, not sure where to go (I assume it home teleported here from polv) Happy to provide more info if needed
  11. Hardware, a few used servers for a few hundred dollars each (I use HP Z400's mostly with Xeon cores), got a few random other PC's with I5's and I7's, all totally worth if if you're serious into botting. When you're renting a VPS, you're renting hardware at a premium, typically, my server hardware pays for itself just compared to the price of a VPS alone, in under 8-10 months. If you're just going to give botting a crack for fun for a month, get a VPS.
  12. Please see the attached file with requested debug information : ) Using v2, Tribot 12, not using Looking Glass, I am using in resizable mode, my client paint delay is at the default (I have not tweaked the setting) Thank you in advance for your hard work! Love the script! Aropupu.zip
  13. Please follow this simple format every time you wish to request a script: Title: (must include 2 of the following) [Free] - For requesting a script to be made for free. [Paid] - You offer payment for the completion of your request. [Public] - If completed, the script will be publicly available to everyone. [Private] - You will be the only user that has access to this script. Content: Description: (a brief description of the script; if this is a private request, you will offer more details to the scripter through private messaging) Payment amount: (what is the budget allocated for this project) Time: (how soon does this request need to be completed) Additional details: (optional)
  14. Accounts get stuck at Death. Woke up to 2 accounts banned, and one just stuck talking to him. Pretty bad bug. At least, if it's the accounts first time dying it gets stuck.
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