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  1. Script doesn't close popup when entering desert for Kalphites. Bot also seems to want to click in the middle of the banking screen whenever I am banking?
  2. Bot is stuck on Waiting for NPCs in Blue Dragon farming mode. [19:12:23] [Potion Management] Set first drink level for: Super strength(4) at level 83 [19:12:25] [Potion Management] I will drink my next Super attack(4) at level 78 (Antiban Randomisation) [19:12:27] [Potion Management] I will drink my next Super strength(4) at level 82 (Antiban Randomisation) [19:12:28] [Antiban] ABC2: Refocusing Target [19:13:32] [Price Management] Grabbed and cached new Grand Exchange price for: 564 with a value of: 153 [19:13:40] [Antiban] ABC2: Picking up mouse [19:14:31] [Antiban] A
  3. Don't use bracelet of slaughter when in point-boosting mode. Either by default or an option to toggle.
  4. When banking in Varrock after using Varrock tab, script withdraws a ring of wealth when needing to purchase from the GE. It doesn't actually use the ring of wealth.
  5. Script accidently selected to use an empty vial when trying to reload dwarf cannon and spam clicked the cannon with vial selected. End script when you don't have enough coins to purchase the selected food option in the GE.
  6. Don't have a screenshot/debug unfortunately, but it failed to enter into some lumbridge swamp area with a rope, debug had stuff about a varbit and that the account had not entered before. It seemed to be spam clicking to use a rope on something.
  7. What exactly do I need to do to use blank equipment profiles? Script refuses to start with this loadout, but if I put items for the equipment, it works.
  8. Had a bug yesterday where it finished it's task and then didn't actually go back home to get a new task SS and debug attached. [16:43:50] [Antiban] ABC2: Inspecting Loot pile [16:44:23] [Price Management] Grabbed and cached new Grand Exchange price for: 1137 with a value of: 50 [16:44:41] [Antiban] ABC2: Refocusing Target [16:45:06] [Antiban] ABC2: Leaving client screen [16:45:14] [Cannon Management] Reloaded Cannon with approximately 30 cannonballs left inside. [16:45:14] [Cannon Management] Will reload our cannon when we next have 5 cannonballs left (Antiban) [16:45:4
  9. It spam clicked for like 15-20 seconds until the wolf walked over that part of the mountain. Was more an account safety concern than a performance concern.
  10. Bot can sometimes try to click through the mountain to click on a wolf.
  11. Can you add an option for it to not logout when it ends due to script runtime?
  12. Unfortunately don't have a debug or screenshot, but my account was stuck on centering on a werewolves task and then somehow died and got stuck in the death room.
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