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  1. Port Sarim jail bucket clue is not working 100%. It get stuck: It gets stuck in the desert jail and just goes into an endless loop.
  2. Problems withdrawing an amulet of glory. I have the (6) edition. This is insane. It went into an opening closing loop of the bank for ~5 min.
  3. uaexed

    Hunter login warning

    Just code it yourself. Use the player detection api and then just have it print some red text or draw a red box somewhere on your gamescreen.
  4. @erickho123 can't you just rewrite it to use legit farming? Sure it would use a little more teleports, but who cares? We paid surely a good premium for this script so it's pretty unfortunate that it doesn't work anymore.
  5. Full worlds are not supported on the whopper. When poisoned will not drink antipoison, will run up to wild again with full inv, will get hit by poison and by idk what will start running down, teleporting to bank, taking out a new load of gear and going up again and it does this in a loop. And that has been bugged for over a month even though I've been giving him lots of information. Seems like he just doesn't care. Even though he tried to support the first time I came to him,.
  6. uaexed

    I'm Addicted

    Thanks for the 99 capes. Thanks for the trains of bots with 99 capes that I've been able to make. Thanks for all the millions.
  7. Yes. Will pm you the tw id later this evening if the same bug comes back. Doing a little testing now.
  8. I have used this before and I am pretty sure I have set it all up according to plan. Also reinstalled tribot and whatnot. Settings:
  9. This script gets stuck either in the edge bank taking out whatever it needs, or it gets stuck in lumbridge after dying, or it gets stuck on "determining" traps. I will try to gather more information from debug, but I might forget it. And @daxmagex you should look into "mutex" or "mutual exclusion" and use it for traps or whatever.
  10. Just giving some feedback here: - It attacks too fast, sometimes I have 3 NPC that I am "in combat" with -The antiban where it checks the settings are retarded, no1 does that irl Other than that it's working perfectly fine.
  11. Well, when OSRS was released I was botting from the start when I wasn't questing. Simba, wBot, TriBot... In that order, lol. Did some coding for all of them back in the days, but haven't done anything in maybe a year. Idk if it's worth spending time I could've used coding android apps/written assignments for uni etc.
  12. Ran a week with color, but got interested in seeing what my xp rates were so I bought this. Let's hope they don't ban me for the client side stuff. On another note, the script seems to be acting pretty good. Time will show
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