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  1. does script work? and how are ban rates on air orbs... prices are pretty high havnt botted these suckers for a while now
  2. hi, was wondering: when i open tribot client, i choose my proxy and then i start the client offically i then login my acc , start the bot, say it runs 5hrs. i stop it. i log out. then, i put my pc to 'sleep' mode, i then turn my pc on again everything is open as normal bc sleep mode doesnt turn of the whole pc or/close applications, when i turn bk my pc , on after few hrs of sleep mode, would the tribot client still be logged in with proxy? or u think it will disable it somehow while it was in 'sleep' mode and i gotta re open a brand new client and connect it via the proxy again. thanks,
  3. hi does anyone know a f2p money making method with very low reqs and startup cash and low bans thanks
  4. would this be worth to bot black chins for a few hrs a day with some real life playing on a low 90s hunter lvl acc?
  5. how are the bans on this script, if used on an old account? also does it support barb fishing ? and powerfisihing where it drops the fish not banks?
  6. does it have a option, where it drops the iron to powermine essentially? also u think ill get banned if i use this script for a little bit on a oldish acc and my acc has like other stats so it doesnt look like a bot
  7. ban rate on this? if used for a few hrs.. on a oldish account?
  8. cmdking

    Why I left.

    lol u couldnt give 2 fucks could u?
  9. I had similar situation. I had bought 2 proxies 2 different accounts, and got banned after 1 day and the bots got banned same time, which is mind blowing. Since they were both on different ips and weren't flagged since they were a proxy.
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