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  1. Yes i do have picture of unauthorized transaction. Posted.
  2. Scammer's Username:megabankLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/profile/478032-megabank/content/Chat/Discussion Methods:DiscordChat Username(If Applicable)*:AppmasterDescribe in detail in your words what happened: Sold 50m Gp osrs gold, he went first by sending through paypal. Traded gold and after he claimed unauthorized transaction.Evidence**:Other:
  3. i ment paypal accepting only, Btw i just got scammed when selling, a guy tried to refund his money at paypal..
  4. Hi, Buying bulks Osrs gold for 0.45 usd/mil discord: nesim123#6724
  5. 2 errors, when poll booth, it doesnt finish talking to box. And another error, when at quest master it doesnt finish talking.
  6. Hi, Like the tittle says: Im selling osrs gold 0.61 usd/mil. pm me on tribot or if you have discord pm discord name: nesim123#6724 Only accepting paypal!
  7. Hi, i'm looking for a pmod, you will make 100m +- weekly. If yes post here or pm me!
  8. What im doing is completely legal, because the people i report are 100% rule breakers. I have been observing them for awhile already and if a pmod helps me report, they will actually stop breaking <high level scamming> because i am sick and tired of meeting these people, i want to pay a pmod to do something about it since its been <couple months> and nothing has changed/been done
  9. And no i'm not a scammer, i would pay your first payment after you show me that you can legit mute them. i'm talkign about real rule breakers.
  10. those people are breaking 100% rule for macro/scam
  11. Hello, i'm looking for a pmod status friend which can help me report couple people daily. paying 100m weekly, i don't need to access your pmod status acccount. Any pmod here and interested? Pm me!
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