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  1. @Worthyalways got this issue, is there something wrong?
  2. i have setted the ranged armor, but it banking all the range item and go to kill boss only use magic. void range helm and rune cross bow, can you help it?
  3. @Fluffee I just need an explain, or his respond. but nothing
  4. i bought this lifetime version and only use it for 1 month! i posted this question in his thread,his own page, no explain. no respond.. wtf
  5. we dealed lifetime. if no lifetime option any more, why not refund me? @jona1000 if you are right, for example: if you buy something, and past some days,the price raise and told you must pay again for it. can you accept it?
  6. Script Author:@Optimus Link to Script's Thread: Date Purchased: (11 july 2017) What type of duration did you purchase: (Lifetime) Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): i posted in his thread and his own page,cant get any respond from him for 3 days now i cant access the script...please help.
  7. np..the proxy works 100%, i am very sure, because i am using it on the powbot,it works well
  8. i just purchase a vip extend, and i login with a works proxy,but always get issues.
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