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  1. coffeedog


    You said " it was botting on a SOCKS proxy by Virmach "/"The orignal IP it was botting on stopped working so i cancelled service and decided i would use a different IP from VIrmach." Is this incorrect?
  2. coffeedog


    1) Botting, that's pretty obvious for a ban. 2) Changed IPs so that could've been it, but mostly would've been a lock. 3) Paid someone to level your account, which can flag account. I mean you're botting, that's why you got banned, simple as that.
  3. No problem Looking forward to using this more, going to most likely be purchasing the nBlast Furnace soon aswell
  4. Hey @Naton , bought your script yesterday and it's running flawlessly. Did the level 1-35 progressive, into dwarf cannon, into cannonball restocking. The whole process was very smooth. One thing I would add possibly is maybe when it goes to complete dwarf cannon, have it buy maybe 5 random food, maybe Cake/Bread/Mackerel, since it waits to regenerate health, this would speed up the quest being done, and also make it seem less bot-like because I don't think people normally would wait for the health regenerate to fix the railings. Other than that it is amazing!
  5. Let people do what they want, who cares what other people do, find your own enjoyment in things
  6. Actually insane, can't wait to purchase
  7. There are plenty of scripts off Repo that work to great success. Test some free/premiums out using trials, and find methods that work for you. Nobody will tell you their method, and if they did it still might not work for you as everyone has different results.
  8. coffeedog

    Make Money Botting

    Returns on GP to IRL $? Varies. Plenty of sites offer different rates, or you could sell to individuals for maybe a higher margin. My friends would rather buy from me than a site because I could offer a lower price than a site, while still profiting more from selling to a site, win-win. If you're looking to start a farm, you need to trial and error stuff for yourself. There is not a cookie cutter method that works for everyone. Individuality will help you profit more and sustain a longer life span of your farms. Most general advice here is split 50/50, and most people I think don't run large farms, but give out their advice based off of 1 account or a couple they've ran with moderate success. Find what works for you. This is the purest advice I can give, there isn't a quick way to make billions, it's an investment of time/money, so plan things out. Good luck.
  9. What client are you tying to use looking glass on? If Runelite I would recommend using their .jar file, same with OSBuddy.
  10. There are plenty of scripts here, and on other platforms which mimic a normal player's actions to great success. The reason why most scripts don't do that is because it's a much higher risk of getting your account banned, when botting in general already is a risk.
  11. Having a private script could reduce banrate because you're the only one using it, but Worthy's Zulrah script is very well made, and if you intend on starting a farm use his script first, unless you want to invest over 1k+ into a private script, and then on top of that buy multiple accounts or train them yourself, fund them, and then start. My 2 cents.
  12. Everyone has gotta start somewhere People who are willing to ask questions and learn from it are always welcome, I mostly learned through sifting the forums and trying stuff out myself. People who just expect others to tell them methods are in for a rough time when they figure out it won't always work for them aswell. Good luck friend.
  13. Personally I run each client with 3-5 instances inside, I know some people who say they have issues with it, but I don't. Everything is trial and error, and you need to keep testing different methods until you figure out what works best for you. What works for other people might not work for you. I would say any bot would run fine on your specs, although I wouldn't recommend running more than 20 bots total. Also a side tip is that the client itself takes up a lot of ram and cpu, and by using instances inside each client rather than having multiple clients with 1 instance each, you can reduce the amount of cpu used, ram is allocated when starting it up so that won't change.
  14. Clients are what you open normally on your desktop, instances are the tabs that allow for multiple accounts to be ran inside the client. You can set a client to have a set allocated amount of ram when starting it up, and depending on how many instances you would like to run inside the client, adjust the heap size accordingly
  15. I would say the recommended amount for each bot is 256mb. 6 accounts x 256mb = 1536mb of ram allocated. Personally I do 300mb for each account, hope this helps
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