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  1. 4 minutes ago, kylezell said:

    NO I DID NOT BOT AT ALL it was a typo.  its not simple

    You said " it was botting on a SOCKS proxy by Virmach "/"The orignal IP it was botting on stopped working so i cancelled service and decided i would use a different IP from VIrmach." Is this incorrect?

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  2. 1) Botting, that's pretty obvious for a ban.

    2) Changed IPs so that could've been it, but mostly would've been a lock.

    3) Paid someone to level your account, which can flag account.

    I mean you're botting, that's why you got banned, simple as that.


  3. On 3/10/2019 at 4:59 PM, Naton said:

    Just added dwarf cannon support and support for starting on a fresh level 3. Essentially the script will train to 35 smithing if it doesn't have it by default when cannonballs are selected, and it will buy the required supplies to do so. Afterwards it will buy the necessary teleports for dwarf cannon and complete the quest, if not already completed. This happens by default and you don't need to select anything. Make sure the account has enough gp for the supplies.

    As always, let me know if I missed anything or broke anything

    Hey @Naton , bought your script yesterday and it's running flawlessly. Did the level 1-35 progressive, into dwarf cannon, into cannonball restocking. The whole process was very smooth. One thing I would add possibly is maybe when it goes to complete dwarf cannon, have it buy maybe 5 random food, maybe Cake/Bread/Mackerel, since it waits to regenerate health, this would speed up the quest being done, and also make it seem less bot-like because I don't think people normally would wait for the health regenerate to fix the railings. Other than that it is amazing!

  4. 13 hours ago, urmyxp said:

    I'm just getting back into farming and i am wondering what are the better money makers that are lower on the ban-rate/requirements. Not necessarily level 3s off tut island straight into it but nothing like dragon bots etc. Any info or feedback is appreciated

    There are plenty of scripts off Repo that work to great success. Test some free/premiums out using trials, and find methods that work for you. Nobody will tell you their method, and if they did it still might not work for you as everyone has different results.

  5. 7 hours ago, Nick29 said:

    Title poses the question.

    Depending on what bot you use and for how long there is a good chance you will get a big cash stack... especially if you have multiple accounts.

    So my question is...

    What are the returns on runescape gp to irl money?


    Returns on GP to IRL $? Varies. Plenty of sites offer different rates, or you could sell to individuals for maybe a higher margin. My friends would rather buy from me than a site because I could offer a lower price than a site, while still profiting more from selling to a site, win-win. If you're looking to start a farm, you need to trial and error stuff for yourself. There is not a cookie cutter method that works for everyone. Individuality will help you profit more and sustain a longer life span of your farms. Most general advice here is split 50/50, and most people I think don't run large farms, but give out their advice based off of 1 account or a couple they've ran with moderate success. Find what works for you. This is the purest advice I can give, there isn't a quick way to make billions, it's an investment of time/money, so plan things out. Good luck.

  6. 4 hours ago, Biggame113 said:

    I put break every 2 hours with 30 minute randomness, duration 7 minutes with 3 minute randomness. Do you think it would 100% get banned again if I tried botting other things with low durations and high break? Or do you think its a lost cause on that account? Thanks again for the feedback.


    Longer durations with longer breaks, halving the time of the duration, or somewhere around that. Making it as "human-like" as possible while maximizing xp/profit is something you'll need to work on to find out as it's a different method for everyone. If it's been banned once, chances are it'll have a higher chance of being banned again. I would suggest making another account and messing around with different break setups until you find what fits best for you.

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  7. 4 hours ago, sm0k3d arr0w said:


    I have java JDK downloaded, trying to run looking glass when I get the following message: 

    'No runescape client was found. Make sure your running runescape in the web browser. It says to make sure I run trbiot in 32 bit and it's currently 64.

    How do I run on 32?

    Thanks in advance..

    What client are you tying to use looking glass on? If Runelite I would recommend using their .jar file, same with OSBuddy.

  8. 18 hours ago, attbotterboi said:


    I have been planning on making a bot farm for some time now. After doing a bit of research, it sounds like having someone write me a private script is the way to go when it comes to gold farming. However, is it needed for zulrah? I know there is a very reliable script available already. So, will having someone make me a private version of it really reduce my bans by that much? 

    Having a private script could reduce banrate because you're the only one using it, but Worthy's Zulrah script is very well made, and if you intend on starting a farm use his script first, unless you want to invest over 1k+ into a private script, and then on top of that buy multiple accounts or train them yourself, fund them, and then start. My 2 cents.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, rightryan said:

    Great advice. I will do! You guys have been super helpful and I'm blown away with how willing to help you are and how friendly about it you guys are as well. As I'm sure you both are aware, a question like that (I'm going to ask either way) would be an open invite for sarcasm and rude comments (not that I care about the opinions of insecure underage closet nerds with parental issues... sorry that was generalization, shame on me)

    Seriously though, I feel very welcome and supported as a newer member to the TriBot community, thank you!

    Everyone has gotta start somewhere :) People who are willing to ask questions and learn from it are always welcome, I mostly learned through sifting the forums and trying stuff out myself. People who just expect others to tell them methods are in for a rough time when they figure out it won't always work for them aswell. Good luck friend.

  10. 13 minutes ago, rightryan said:


    Thank you! My next question is a matter of preference in both of your experiences as more experience botters than myself.

    Pros and Cons of Multiple Instance per Client vs. Multiple Clients with 1 instance:

    CPU usage? Reliability and consistency of Clients and Bots? Which way would you guys recommend with my current iMac specs?

    Personally I run each client with 3-5 instances inside, I know some people who say they have issues with it, but I don't. Everything is trial and error, and you need to keep testing different methods until you figure out what works best for you. What works for other people might not work for you. I would say any bot would run fine on your specs, although I wouldn't recommend running more than 20 bots total. Also a side tip is that the client itself takes up a lot of ram and cpu, and by using instances inside each client rather than having multiple clients with 1 instance each, you can reduce the amount of cpu used, ram is allocated when starting it up so that won't change.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, rightryan said:

    Yes it does, thank you. So the Heap Size upon initial start up is what it's going to dedicate per Client as you open them?

    I keep seeing "Clients" and "Instances". I probably already have every piece of the puzzle I need, I seemed to have misplaced the box with the picture on it sometime during my post workday intoxication.

    Clients are what you open normally on your desktop, instances are the tabs that allow for multiple accounts to be ran inside the client. You can set a client to have a set allocated amount of ram when starting it up, and depending on how many instances you would like to run inside the client, adjust the heap size accordingly :)

  12. 35 minutes ago, rightryan said:

    Heap Size = Dedicated RAM? Increments of 1024?

    Im operating on a 2011 iMac 21.5":

    • 8gb of RAM
    • 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
    • AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB

    Need to run 6 bots, 5 gold miners and 1 mule. Like I said, this is prob a dumb question. Somewhere in my only mere weeks of gold farming, I missed something about heap size and its direct affect on the client and my system. I set the Heap Size to 4096 after incrementally increasing to see if there was a noticeable difference, seems there is but is it necessary? Pros and Cons? Reliability and Consistancy of bot instances?

    If someone could take 2 minutes and clarify my cloudy mind after a long day of website building, I think I might quit my job and give self employment a try before the economy tanks again in a few years.... I'll prob do that either way though

    I would say the recommended amount for each bot is 256mb. 6 accounts x 256mb = 1536mb of ram allocated. Personally I do 300mb for each account, hope this helps :)

  13. 51 minutes ago, DoYouGetToTheCloudDistrict said:

    Hey I'm fairly new still, I generated around 60 accounts with Fluffee's Tutorial Island Script and I checked all the accounts which surprisingly most were not banned after 4 days so when I use them though they get locked nearly instantly (within 10 minutes~) and it tells me to check the email but I generated the accounts using random emails which I do not have access to. Is it possible to avoid these account locks or should I consider generating new accounts and if so how would I go about having access to all these accounts emails. (By hand or is there a way to centralize emails or generate enough emails to satisfy a months worth of botting). Also is fishing shrimp and cooking them the way to go for money or should I consider cooking and use fishing for ingredients, Thanks. 

    Side Note I use HMA Pro VPN and I had a shuffle option which changed the IP every 30 minutes or around per 2 accounts. Use proxies or is VPN fine. 


    One thing you can do to avoid locks (sometimes) is after you load into the account, mess around with the settings and do random things for maybe a minute or so, talk to people, etc, then start botting. Yeah it sucks that some accounts are locked, but hey, they're being created for you, without you having to do any work yourself pretty much. Accounts get locked, make new ones. You don't need any special proxies (residential or datacenter), or vpns. On another note, do not ever use rotating proxies when botting an account, accounts should be created and played on the same ip, if switched over to another, pretty much a guaranteed lock. Hope this helps :)

  14. 58 minutes ago, DoYouGetToTheCloudDistrict said:

    I'm fairly new to using tribot and all and I just got VIP and all that stuff to run the ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR] script and I'm thinking its not working because I have firewall blocking access, (I'm running a VirtualBox of Windows 7) Any ideas how to just shut down firewall completely? I disabled firewall and it seems to still ask me for access so I feel like that could be a problem, thanks!  

    I would recommend using Fluffee's tutorial script, it currently works and I have had great success making 100s of accounts with it :)

  15. I would never recommend botting on your main, as all bots inevitably get banned. Some scripts such as Auto Fisher Pro, Einstein's Fisher/Woodcut/Mining, Netami AIO Combat, Optimus AIO Combat, aAgility, are very well made and I have received very low banrates (20% ban rate) as well of many 99s from these. Last thing would be that everyone has different methods to botting, you need to mess around with settings and such to figure out what works for you. Hope this helps :)

  16. Hey all,

    Recently, regardless of if I bot tutorial island, or manually do it on an IP, they all seem to be getting locked. Is there anything I could due to make them not locked? I have accounts botting currently on the IP they're getting locked on, so I'm not sure what the reasoning of them getting locked is, especially when i'm manually doing tutorial island. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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