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  1. New OSBuddy update not allowing tribot to hook correctly. Worked fine on OSbuddy 3.4.3, not working on 3.6.
  2. Recently got 99 firemaking with this script, thanks
  3. Awesome script! I noticed you mention to have 4 dragon bones, if this is for Animal Magnetism, you can use any type of bones, not just dragon
  4. I disabled it to see if increased performance for botting, which it did, but had no idea that plugins could break the scripts if left on, thanks for the advice!
  5. I found out that just disabling all plugins on OSB makes it run basically the same as the vanilla client. Before I disabled all OSB plugins I could run 4 bots which would make my CPU 80%, disabled the plugins, I currently am running 6 bots at 30% CPU, which is a huge decrease. Might help you out
  6. This is from my experience using this script so obviously results may differ from yours. -8 accounts currently running this script, 5 at minnows, 3 fly fishing til 82. -2 accounts have reached 99 fishing. [Progressive leveling/1-82 f2p/82-99 minnows p2p] Both have received Heron from minnows which is crazy because it's a 1/977,778 chance. -All accounts I created as fresh level 3s, and instantly started botting. -3 previous accounts have been banned, but that was due me running them longer than I usually do, which I have made sure not to happen again.
  7. I've yet to banned doing several different money makers, so I definitely think it's how you're going about it. Just set up Break Handler to make it seem more realistic to an actual person playing, and at times when a person would play. LG makes a big difference from my experience.
  8. Fishing trawler is fine. I've done it 7 times on each minnow alt, none banned. Just be smart about how you bot, take breaks, don't go 6+ hours without one, use LG, it makes a big difference in my results.
  9. Have just gotten 2 accounts to 99 fishing with this using minnows from 82. One even got Herron pet which is a 1/977,778 chance. Thanks @Encoded
  10. What about a Rogues' Den minigame script, where you get the rogue armour for double loot while pickpocketing?
  11. It looks like the update broke LG. Just restarted my TRiBot Loader and now it can't hook onto OSBuddy. Not sure why? EDIT: Looks like I had to restart the OSBuddy clients. Works fine now!
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