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  1. Selling osrs gp MESSAGE ME SKype:username Kyle-shh
  2. I need to purchase a web scraper that scrapes snapchat usernames for me on tinder and meetme. If you can make this please do not hesitate to message me with a price.
  3. “90% of the scripts in the depository **** don’t Run*****” be more accurate with describing the problem. ”make an account and test a script” - WHO would you suggest testing each script??? To ensure they are all still working (time/money)
  4. Rofl don’t be discouraged what kind of computer or l AP top R u using?
  5. Yes I believe if you be creative on the email you may have less ban rate (ban wave(s).
  6. Then how will you ever find how an account is capable of reciving a temp instead of perm.
  7. Hey your question is to vague there’s so many variables you need to consider. For starters don’t bot f2p at all. Bonds are okay(safe) but do not bot f2p ever!!!! How long and breaks are dependent on script
  8. So i just got really lucky and got 2 mac pro 1 pcs and 2 huge gaming pcs and like 6 other pcs. And i have like 8 30in+ screens and a few projectors. I dont know really what to do with all this lol but can i setup a projector to view my bots bot so i can see theyre running smooth? Or should i setup like 3 dual screen 30" tvs so i can watch my bots on the screen. I want to have 100+ running. What should i do exactly.. Lol i would like to be able to run a couple hundred bots eventually... Any ideas?
  9. I agree with the other two try again.
  10. I would like to note your account will not be flagged if you play 24-7.
  11. You are wrong. Ive created the account on my home IP but logged into it on a proxy then i let someone across the country train my account then after he was done i logged back into it on the proxy ip and have been bottting for weeks no problem.
  12. Something important you should always include in the reason to why you got banned is what day you got banned? After you receive one ban you shouldn't bot on that IP ever again.
  13. Do not buy a account from anyone else under any circumstances. You may think it might be worth the risk but I've tried multiple of times and lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. NO MATTER what whoever creates the account can recover the account back at ANYTIME. I hope this help
  14. Selling osrs gp .80/M i make about 20m everyday. Pm me on here or add my Skype kyle-shh
  15. Try using Lg and human mousemovements!!
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