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  1. hey @Naton does this make molten glass with soda ash and buckets of sand?
  2. how does it handle karambwan fishing einstein? considering using it for my ironman
  3. how much does it cost?
  4. not allowed on tribot.
  5. ive tried doing oak dungeon doors but the bot doesnt pickitup in preset manager? or in the arguments. not used hotkeys etc?
  6. im only getting 70k xp an hour doing oak larders, am i doing something wrong? using phials to unnote
  7. it keeps trying to go to the barge when crashed on fossil island, can you have a look please?
  8. im wanting to use a hos but can it use rune ouch to tele to house after using a mounted glory in their poh? currently its walking to fally bank.
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