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  1. Divise

    VIP Upgrade

    Hello, My proposal is simple, instead of purchasing VIP then VIP-E, we should be able to upgrade. I purchased VIP, then realised it was lacking features so I purchased VIP-E later in the day... Losing the cash I paid for VIP. If we could upgrade, paying the difference, that'd be great. Thanks
  2. Ah I thought this was just for a script I was running. Seems to be for everything though...
  3. @Druid Hey, I bought this earlier, it doesn't seem to be purchasing from G.E. It searches the item, but doesn't select it to purchase. Using LG. Thanks Edit: looks like it's a bug with TriBot, not this script!
  4. Hey, So I was using this for 2 days straight and it was fine (I lost maybe two or three accounts out of 8.) Now, all my accounts were banned this morning. Fine, I made another 16 and increased my proxies. I then set up my first 4, they were all banned almost immediately. I set up another 6 later that day (new proxies, new accounts, manually levelled through tutorial) and banned after 15-20 mins of using this script. All accounts after my major ban this morning were - On New Proxies - On New Accounts, Manually levelled through tutorial - Had suitable names, i.e. nothing like "62tRiBot29091" I even ran two quests on two accounts to see if this made a difference (2QP on both), manually, nope. They were first to get hit, actually. Any advice? Thanks
  5. @Druid Hi, I purchased the 3month package earlier today, however, when I have more than 1 tab open, there's issues with the HUD. Please see image. Please can you resolve or advise on how I can fix? Thanks
  6. @Einstein @Naton Thanks for the comments, 3 months of using different consoles then... Should have gone with my instincts and chosen Einsteins Woodcutter! Many thanks
  7. Oh, I didn't realise you can open more than one loader lmao. Thanks.
  8. So, every script I run on my second tab, the HUD is insane after running the script. Tab1 is fine, Tab2 is affected. I haven't tested further tabs, yet. See pic below. Any idea how I can reset this? thanks
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