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  1. As far as I know, opening minimap uses quite some RAM. And after you open it, it's best to restart client.
  2. I do that a lot, especially when tired. Excuse my below average IQ ?
  3. Did you even check out some of the antiban settings? xd
  4. If you really care about the account, I'd just setup like +-hourly breaks, and then stop MAX 6hrs later. Also less, if you tend to play even less legit. Just cause blackjacking is pretty intense clicks.
  5. Got crashed, script proceeds to tele to Edgeville and then world hop ? [17:43:32] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [17:43:35] [Crash Observer] Crash detected [17:43:35] [ABC2] Sleeping for: 1421 [17:43:48] [ABC2] Sleeping for: 1617 [17:43:50] [On Crash Action] Attempting to change worlds [17:44:02] [Crash Observer] Crash ended [17:44:03] [ABC2] Sleeping for: 709 At least it's walking back to port sarim as I type this out. ? Sand crabs btw.
  6. Uhm, this is super weird, but I found my acc with inventory restocked in edge bank. No idea what happened. Had a glory equipped, was doing sand crabs. Didn't die (I assume, cuz my knives and equipment, including ring of life is on me). Wth Pretty sure it ran fine and hit my stop runtime limit, looking at my trial time. Unfortunately debug is lost, as I closed client, assuming everything was fine.
  7. Checked out GUI, looks really solid. By goldfarming features, do you mean GE restocks/fresh acc preparation, or did I miss some muling options? If there's no muling, do you intend to work on it?
  8. Regarding bans I've ran 22 accs, all tut-ge or 7qp, some even extra. One ban I can attribute to quester. Been weeks for some and they're doing fine, go figure. Ernest the Chicken seems to get stuck getting 'Rubber tube', it's outside the room and keeps clicking to pick up. Unfortunately this was some time ago, don't have debug info. Happened 2 out of 3 times.
  9. I assume roaming runs around the specified area (in squares) around my set position. I just missed the disclaimer in crashing tab, that it'd crash people and disregard my preference to not crash. Sort of like, roam around, but if my main position was occupied, I'd hop worlds. Now I realise that might be hell to code
  10. There's a tab for it in preferences. One oversight I had, was this: So yeah, if you don't wanna crash, disable roaming (just under crash tab).
  11. Trial looked solid, insta-bought after my 2 hours And, to my surprise, you're already working on rogue's den! Neat script, keep it up.
  12. Sorry if I unintentionally skipped over it, but will the script stop if it runs out of arrows/knives?
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