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  1. d3mons

    world 385 and 386

    yeah and there is ususaly less/no ppl on those worlds to pk my rc bot i usualy dont bot more than few hours per week/month , and i also use those worlds quite alot to pvm on,
  2. d3mons

    world 385 and 386

    hello, why arent thease 2 osrs worlds suported by tribot ? http://oldschool85.runescape.com/http://oldschool86.runescape.com/i cant post this in the development area kind regards d3mons
  3. what is the curent ban rate on rs global ? ive taken a botting break 4 months ago and all my acounts passed the bot sweep XDXD but im just wondering what the rate is atm (would it be safe to bot rc a few hours on a main acount )
  4. carefull guys, my farming bot got banned this morning, was running herbs and sweetcorn the bust is stil going on
  5. alching part of the bot died after the last patch it needs to do, it wields the lava batlle, but doesnt walk/telly to a bank, and when i walk it to a bank its not withdrawing, natures or the items i set to alch another thing, the bot just stood at the bank complaining it had no plant cure ? i thought this script did buy it from the gardner in previous versions ?
  6. pm me those first lines on runescript XD and lets see how fast ur banned XD i dont report at al so dw XD
  7. hey , the bot has been broken since the paint update, doesnt drop when m1d1 at varock cant find varock west mine when setting it to bank clay or tin and doesnt click anny rock-ore atm just retardly moves while hovering think theyve updated the id's
  8. does it get 15 killcount before looting the chest ?? because that seems the magic number for geting deaths/bloods back
  9. if you pm me ur skype ill add you on there, than just let me know
  10. do you need an acount with all quests done in that region ? (short routes/burgh banking/ ect) ( also with house with altar and portal to canafish )
  11. soo when will this script be released on the market ? or where can we preorder
  12. the padlock site has paypal but has not codes in stock
  13. as soon as i hit start script the client closes
  14. hey i havent been vip member for a while and were running paid scripts, but all of a suden the client starts to complain i have to be vip for running paid scripts??
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