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  1. Hi guys, Big fan of the forum & the work being done here. quick question. I wanted 2 x instances of a script. i was unaware (lack of research) i was purcshing the script for the instance not the time i.e (instances are stack able. not time) i made a new account brought the script again. Unfortunately when im logged into one of the accounts, after a while of being logged into the new account for a while, it then switches back to my old account. (i.e scripts for old account show etc) Can a admit possibly add my instances to the same account? to stop this from happening? cheers.
  2. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could give me any help, just downloaded JDK 12.0.1 64Bit, now my triBot isn't booting. also have this issue when installing the default client https://gyazo.com/ce477ee12285effaac17ad736ce881b1 - trying to install default client https://gyazo.com/baab113a376268517f697399daca6b95 - try to open tribot after JDK download.
  3. I've had the script twice before. woprking now though.
  4. Yep, its correct, also been 8 hours.
  5. Hi i brought worthy's zulrah script and the credits have been taken, but it hasn't been put on my clients repository. Its also not on my recent purchases. any ideas? thanks
  6. thanks i see that. but its saying im not even VUIP.. when ive paid..
  7. nope. i brought the two week one. and the 2 day one, i think my 2 day one over rid it.
  8. Hi i brought VIP, both 2 day trial and 6.50 monthly, and its now showing, and im unable to add a proxy.
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